Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Did It Myself

People, how do you find my new blog look? Hehe. Yes, I know, it may seem very simple, pretty flat and having not too perfect colour combination but I DID IT MYSELF! I know, this may not be a very great thing for some but for a buta computer person like me, this is quite a feat to celebrate! I beat the complicated, 'for-robots-only' HTML codes to produce this page. And best of all, I didnt spend a single sen on this! Haha! May not be the most handsome blog page in town, but its my blood and sweat, and I will keep this for a very long time. My credit goes to Mums Who Blog, a very, very resourceful site which I had linked to my blog.

Suddenly I felt nostalgic thinking about how blogging has changed my life. Through blogging, I grew an interest in photography. From wanting to color my blog with some pictures, my interest grew into something deeper, which is to captuere beautiful moments for the album. And from there, I started learning about cameras, DSLRs, and photography as an art. I started reading magazines like Click and attending talks on photography. And I bought myself a reliable digicam this year, the Panasonic Lumix FX01. I would like to get a DSLR one day, when I am more rich, hehe.

From taking pictures, I started cultivating another interest- photo editing. You saw my collage? That's my very first attempt in doing some photo stunts. Blogging also taught me computer. I NEVER knew anything about HTMLs and all that. But to beautify my blog, I learnt, through lots of trial and error, how to write simple HTML codes. I may still be at the basic level, but at least, I am not illiterate in this area anymore. And I know, I can do anything if I have the interest and the heart for it.

Although I didnt meet any great people through blogging, neither did I turn into a celebrity, but this blog has somehow kept me connected with my friends, long-lost and current, and I am glad to have such wonderful friends who keep visiting this blog although I write a lot of trash.

So basically, that was it. But I know, as long as I continue blogging, I will learn more and be better at what I already know.

**pst: btw, the background color is titanium...


Anonymous said...

hey nice la your grey colour homepage...!


Petrina said...

i love your new layout - simple and nice. and you know? congrats to you for doing it all by yourself!

when are you free? would sat nite be good? let's think of somewhere cekap to go and makan. hee...