Friday, September 14, 2007

My Convo 2006

What's a blog? To me, its should be a journal, an archive to record all the memorable events in my life. But sadly, I didnt even write about my convocation last year, mostly due to lack of time (thanks to my job) and knowledge in doing collages (er, this is my own fault). I was inspired by Petrina's convo last week, of which I became her unofficial photographer for the day, to re-visit my convo album and write something about this important event in my life. Also, I found a way to work through Photomix (which I am not telling how, hehe) to get this pic here on my blog. Small a bit but not bad lah I would say.

Here's my FIRST collage. PhotoMix is really not bad.

After 3 years I finally graduated. Finally free from the bondage of formal education. FREE!!! My convo session was the last of the lot- last session on the last day. There were three faculties convocating that day- mine (Built Environment), API (Akedemi Pengajian Islam) and Sportc Centre. Having Sports Centre in the same session is alway surprising- our national bowler Shalin Zulkifli was also one of the graduant on that session. Hah. I graduated with a celebrity!

But anyway, Shalin aside, the whole event marked the end of a wonderful journey in university. Though I dont like to study, I will miss the friendships forged during the 3 years in uni, the free time I had to go jalan-jalan, the financial dependancy on mum, the afternoon naps and of course, the university itself. How can I not miss any of those- 3 years is a long period of time. It is true that university is the best times in one's life coz after that, work is definely gonna squeeze something out of you.

So the convo was great. In the hall itself, the great Dewan Tunku Chancellor, my faculty mates (from another department) were rather 'misbehaved' by calling and cheering on their friends who went on stage. Well, the event was supposed to be revered so silence is expected of the crowd. But perhaps it was the last day, everyone was in a lax mood. Somebody (I really suspect it was hm, you know who you are) who hollered my name as I walked on stage to receive my scroll. But it was cool, everything was cheery and we all had a great time in the hall.

After the event, I was so happy to see my friends waiting for me to share my joy. My mum and sister came (of course) and gave a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The UMLF, though I had left the group for a while, still came and gave me flowers. I was really overjoyed to see them. I know some of you read my blog once in a while, so here's to all of you " Thanks and You Guys Are The Best!". My ex-housemates came too, Lenny, Samantha and Ee Lee, thanks guys! Petrina, my good friend who used to help me in my law assignments (Private joke: remember Lim Ah Hang vs Arumugam Chettier? haha), thanks for coming too. My juniors, who tossed me into the air, yo all the best in your future undertakings. By now they must have graduated and are working somewhere in the globe. Not forgetting Joshua, who sent his buddy Jay to hand me some gifts on that day because he had to work offshore on that day. Josh, thanks for the Bryan Adams CD, its still my favourite till today. And finally, last but not least, my thanks to my coursemates Beverley, Gif, Kay etc (especially Bev for being my kaki parasit, kaki rebellion, kaki assignment, kaki chit chat and all sorts of kakis) for making my uni days colourful and memorable. You guys rock!

OK, that's about it lah. I returned home that day a happy girl and richer by a few teddy bears. Haha. So now I'll wait for Dom's convo, hopefully it wont be on a weekday so that I can extend my congrats to him personally on that day. I regret having to miss Samantha's convo. Work lah, why else.

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Petrina said...

hahahaha. of course i can't forget aroomogum chetty. and pet's fave brothel. :P

:) love ya, and thanks for coming. ps where's my pix with u ar???