Monday, September 24, 2007

About Smoking and Smokers

Call me judgmental or whatever but I would still label smokers as selfish people. Especially the ones who smoke IN the office. Just because they are people of position and have certain authority in the office doesnt mean they can deprive others of fresh air. Not that the air in the office is fresh to begin with but please, please dont add more unhealthy particles in the office. We need to breathe also. So selfish! I cringe at the thought of having to meet them in their room because I know, they dont give a damn to how I feel coz their small heart only have room for themselves and their ciggies.

My dear readers, if you are a smoker, I plead to you, please stop smoking. You have the right to smoke, but remember, others have the right to fresh air too. You dont mind lung cancer and all the illness that comes with nicortine but other mind ok. Please dont deprive others of a good life just because you want to smoke. And please, dont smoke in a closed area, you are suffocating others like me who has sinus and other breathing problems. Also remember, your habits of smoking will affect others like your family coz if you die of too much smoking (which is a 100% SURE thing), your family members will be the ones to mourn, not you. Or perhaps, they would be relieved that you are gone coz they will suffer no more from the everyday torment of the ciggy.

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Cruel Angel said...

Smokers are usually IMPOTENT and they feel inferior because they feel lack of manhood.

In order to momentory cure their mental sickness cause by their lack of "Manhood".

They want to poison every other man to be like them…

Please don’t be angry with them, they just lack self-confidence and want some attention.