Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Story of A Little Fish

Once upon a time, there is a little fish stucked in a net but still in the sea. The little fish, being small in nature, could not escape from the net. Nor can it swim against the currents. So the fish tried its best to accomodate both the sea and the net. But the fish is getting tired having to please both masters. The fish must choose either one. But whatever the fish chooses, it has nothing to win, and all there is to lose.

The fish has two dilemma.

If it goes with the sea, the net will hunt down the fish and this little fish will not have any protection from any other creatures, not event from the sea. For all it might not know, the sea could even turn its back over the fish and feed it to the net. If that happens, the fish would become instant dinner for the fisherman.

The wiser choise would be to submit to the net. The sea may see the fish as a pest, or may even disown the fish for rebelling against its wishes, but this fish has to do what a fish has to do. Got to protect itself from the greater harm. So the fish prayed, thought about the pros and cons, and finally took the step to choose its own path. And so the fish chose to follow the net and leave the rest to its Maker.

I am the trapped little fish.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Songs that Pass

My in-built music player cant seem to turn off the tunes of 'True' by Spandau Ballet, a 1983 evergreen song. I still dont know why I am listening to songs as old as I am! But its a beautiful ballard...

And another pretty good song is the lastest release by James Blunt. Now, I dont quite like Blunt's voice but I find '1973' to be pleasant to the ears. Have you seen the video? I like that too, reminded me of Gary Barlow's "Love Wont Wait" and Ronan Keating's "I Love It When We Do", except that his walk is slower than the other two. haha.

Chad Kroeger's latest collaboration with Santana was not bad too but I think I need to listern to it more often than once to really capture the taste of it. We'll see.

Songs that Fail

I remember the last time I wrote about music was to comment on the stupid song by Rihanna called 'Umbrella'. I still hate it and I dont understand why somebody has to do a cover version of the already-crappy song so soon. It's like stupid right? The singer is relatively unknown and for her to break into the scene with someone else's song is a stupid move. Lagi chose a stupid song. Sigh.

Speaking about bad songs, have you heard Fergie's latest collaboration with some small time rappers for "Big Girls Dont Cry"? If not, then you better dont even borther. It was BAD. BAD. BAD. Couldnt get any worse. The song sounded like it has been spoofed by JJ and Rudy of Hitz.FM. Let me describe it in all its hideous glories: it's a sad song and Fergie was singing as how she would in the original version, with some emo voice and mood, etc etc and the rappers shw collaborated with Like they are having a time of their life. So contraditory to Fergie. And not to mention the fact that they dont rhyme at all! Like somebody is singing in C and another in B flat or smthg. Darn crappy I tell you.

Another unbearable song that I heard lately was "Hey Delilah" by Plain White Ts. Hello? What era is this? It reminds me of an oldie "Dont Cry Joni" by Conway Twitty back in 1975. Same theme but dont quite have the same effect anymore.

Man, I have loads of bad comments today.

Sucky songs again, yes, the ones which manupulated cute kids voice to sell their songs to soft girls. Example "Lonely" by Akon. I never bought into the deception of the kids. And now, another singer tried to follow his method , Shane Ward (however the spelling) in his latest song 'If That's OK With You'. Again, I dont buy into the cutie cutie sound.

OK, last two comments and I will stop. Sean Kingston and his "Beautiful Girls" is not that bad, really but it just lacks originality. I mean, the song was inspired by the 60s, which was already time-tested to be favourable, so for me, what he did was merely using an old formula to catalput him to success. If I were to value his success, I would give him a 60% only coz the song was just not original and creative enough! Same goes for Amy Winehouse and her 'Rehab'. It's like making raisin butter cake from a butter cake recipe.

End of music commentary for the day. You may proceed with your daily routine.

About Smoking and Smokers

Call me judgmental or whatever but I would still label smokers as selfish people. Especially the ones who smoke IN the office. Just because they are people of position and have certain authority in the office doesnt mean they can deprive others of fresh air. Not that the air in the office is fresh to begin with but please, please dont add more unhealthy particles in the office. We need to breathe also. So selfish! I cringe at the thought of having to meet them in their room because I know, they dont give a damn to how I feel coz their small heart only have room for themselves and their ciggies.

My dear readers, if you are a smoker, I plead to you, please stop smoking. You have the right to smoke, but remember, others have the right to fresh air too. You dont mind lung cancer and all the illness that comes with nicortine but other mind ok. Please dont deprive others of a good life just because you want to smoke. And please, dont smoke in a closed area, you are suffocating others like me who has sinus and other breathing problems. Also remember, your habits of smoking will affect others like your family coz if you die of too much smoking (which is a 100% SURE thing), your family members will be the ones to mourn, not you. Or perhaps, they would be relieved that you are gone coz they will suffer no more from the everyday torment of the ciggy.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Silent Vigil For The Little Girl Who Died

I grief with the family of the brutally murdered girl Nurin Jazlin. The girl was abducted a month ago and her body was found stuffed in a sports bag in front of some shoplots in Petaling Jaya. Forensic investigation found her to be sexually assulted and a brinjal and cucumber stuffed into her private parts. She was strangled to death. What an inhumane act done by a beastly creature, all for the instant gratification of a distorted pervert.

I'm speechless. Rape must be stopped. I do hope things like this will not happen again in the future.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

fra Norge med elske!

I bring greetings from Norway!

If you cant recall when I went to Norway, you are NOT at risk of alzheimer, haha. I never did. It was Joshua who went and he came back with...

Liqour. Specially from Norway. Cant get it elsewhere.

Presenting my latest collection:

Now Bailey's may not be a new brand but this new flavour is still not out in the market yet so I get to taste is before the vast majority does! Haha!

And the two slim bottles are none other than...

Aquavits! What the heck is aquavits? Wikipedia says it all here. It's made of potatoes and I am curious of its taste. You cannot find this drink anywhere except in scandinavian countries. So I would say that I got something which reflects Norway.

Clear aquavit (or akvavit)

Dark aquavit. Looks a bit like whiskey...hehe

Mint Chocolate Bailey's!
I'm waiting for the right time to launch my new drinks =) . In the meantime I will need to get a nice rack to store up all my bottles at home.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Did It Myself

People, how do you find my new blog look? Hehe. Yes, I know, it may seem very simple, pretty flat and having not too perfect colour combination but I DID IT MYSELF! I know, this may not be a very great thing for some but for a buta computer person like me, this is quite a feat to celebrate! I beat the complicated, 'for-robots-only' HTML codes to produce this page. And best of all, I didnt spend a single sen on this! Haha! May not be the most handsome blog page in town, but its my blood and sweat, and I will keep this for a very long time. My credit goes to Mums Who Blog, a very, very resourceful site which I had linked to my blog.

Suddenly I felt nostalgic thinking about how blogging has changed my life. Through blogging, I grew an interest in photography. From wanting to color my blog with some pictures, my interest grew into something deeper, which is to captuere beautiful moments for the album. And from there, I started learning about cameras, DSLRs, and photography as an art. I started reading magazines like Click and attending talks on photography. And I bought myself a reliable digicam this year, the Panasonic Lumix FX01. I would like to get a DSLR one day, when I am more rich, hehe.

From taking pictures, I started cultivating another interest- photo editing. You saw my collage? That's my very first attempt in doing some photo stunts. Blogging also taught me computer. I NEVER knew anything about HTMLs and all that. But to beautify my blog, I learnt, through lots of trial and error, how to write simple HTML codes. I may still be at the basic level, but at least, I am not illiterate in this area anymore. And I know, I can do anything if I have the interest and the heart for it.

Although I didnt meet any great people through blogging, neither did I turn into a celebrity, but this blog has somehow kept me connected with my friends, long-lost and current, and I am glad to have such wonderful friends who keep visiting this blog although I write a lot of trash.

So basically, that was it. But I know, as long as I continue blogging, I will learn more and be better at what I already know.

**pst: btw, the background color is titanium...

Friday, September 14, 2007

My Convo 2006

What's a blog? To me, its should be a journal, an archive to record all the memorable events in my life. But sadly, I didnt even write about my convocation last year, mostly due to lack of time (thanks to my job) and knowledge in doing collages (er, this is my own fault). I was inspired by Petrina's convo last week, of which I became her unofficial photographer for the day, to re-visit my convo album and write something about this important event in my life. Also, I found a way to work through Photomix (which I am not telling how, hehe) to get this pic here on my blog. Small a bit but not bad lah I would say.

Here's my FIRST collage. PhotoMix is really not bad.

After 3 years I finally graduated. Finally free from the bondage of formal education. FREE!!! My convo session was the last of the lot- last session on the last day. There were three faculties convocating that day- mine (Built Environment), API (Akedemi Pengajian Islam) and Sportc Centre. Having Sports Centre in the same session is alway surprising- our national bowler Shalin Zulkifli was also one of the graduant on that session. Hah. I graduated with a celebrity!

But anyway, Shalin aside, the whole event marked the end of a wonderful journey in university. Though I dont like to study, I will miss the friendships forged during the 3 years in uni, the free time I had to go jalan-jalan, the financial dependancy on mum, the afternoon naps and of course, the university itself. How can I not miss any of those- 3 years is a long period of time. It is true that university is the best times in one's life coz after that, work is definely gonna squeeze something out of you.

So the convo was great. In the hall itself, the great Dewan Tunku Chancellor, my faculty mates (from another department) were rather 'misbehaved' by calling and cheering on their friends who went on stage. Well, the event was supposed to be revered so silence is expected of the crowd. But perhaps it was the last day, everyone was in a lax mood. Somebody (I really suspect it was hm, you know who you are) who hollered my name as I walked on stage to receive my scroll. But it was cool, everything was cheery and we all had a great time in the hall.

After the event, I was so happy to see my friends waiting for me to share my joy. My mum and sister came (of course) and gave a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The UMLF, though I had left the group for a while, still came and gave me flowers. I was really overjoyed to see them. I know some of you read my blog once in a while, so here's to all of you " Thanks and You Guys Are The Best!". My ex-housemates came too, Lenny, Samantha and Ee Lee, thanks guys! Petrina, my good friend who used to help me in my law assignments (Private joke: remember Lim Ah Hang vs Arumugam Chettier? haha), thanks for coming too. My juniors, who tossed me into the air, yo all the best in your future undertakings. By now they must have graduated and are working somewhere in the globe. Not forgetting Joshua, who sent his buddy Jay to hand me some gifts on that day because he had to work offshore on that day. Josh, thanks for the Bryan Adams CD, its still my favourite till today. And finally, last but not least, my thanks to my coursemates Beverley, Gif, Kay etc (especially Bev for being my kaki parasit, kaki rebellion, kaki assignment, kaki chit chat and all sorts of kakis) for making my uni days colourful and memorable. You guys rock!

OK, that's about it lah. I returned home that day a happy girl and richer by a few teddy bears. Haha. So now I'll wait for Dom's convo, hopefully it wont be on a weekday so that I can extend my congrats to him personally on that day. I regret having to miss Samantha's convo. Work lah, why else.

Searching For The Perfect Free Online Photo Editor

Photoshop and I somehow dont belong in the same galaxy. I've tried so many versions but dont know why I just cant seem to open the software either at all, or for long. Problems like licence expired, not compatible with my pc and all that are making me belief that photoshop and I are not destined to be together...Or maybe I'm too dudu in IT. Either way, I love photography and I NEED a good digital photography editing tool and if I can find it in Photoshop, I will find it elsewhere.

Hence, the search for an online photo editing website/software. Best of all, its FREE (yeah, beat the pirates for all lousy softwares I ever bought!). My demands are easy, I want something that can:

1. Add text to the pictures. Any type of fonts, any colour, any size, anywhere in the picture.

I found to have such function and is very friendly to users. But the setback is, I cant load the pics into my pc so its out of my list.

Then I found Not bad, but it takes like the entire ice age+ stone age + bronze age to load 1 single picture! And another Shang Dynasty to load up every single edit I make!

So I decided to try something else. has this really flashy (no pun intended)web that will make every novice feel like a pro. And true to its look, it was easy to use, with all the flash applicators which made you feel like you wanna do everything in a single picture. I was very much saddened having to ditch it too but the inability to save my edits in the pc is just not acceptable. I can save in Picassa, or flickr but its just too much a hassle for a simple photo edit job. And considering I will have hundreds of pictures in the future, the extra long steps are just not worth going through. [Updates: I finally managed to upload the pictures into my pc but it still not my best choice for a photo editor because of the time lag due to its flash applications. But I still use it anyway]

I was getting a little desparete so I surfed around and got some pretty promising reviews from That was how I found pixenate. Its fast, easy, and downloads into the computer in a jiffy. BUT...jeng jeng jeng.. I can only place my text in 8 directions as specified in a scroll-down menu. North, South, East, West, N-E, N-W, S-E, S-W. That's about it, no in betweens. I dont like constraints and I want something that allows me to place my text anywhere I want. So its goodbye to the very promising pixenate. If I cant find any better editor, I might revert to Pixenate.


There is no truly reliable FREE photo editors online.

2. Do a collage. I sometimes have too many wonderful pictures to post in my blog but I dont think I wanna put up ALL as individual pictures coz it will take up damn lot of space. And of course, with more pictures, the page will load more slowly. So I went on a quest to look for the BEST digital collage maker online.

My search brought me several dodgy websites and recommendations, which i dont quite remember now. But in the midst of all the crappiness, I found... Photomix! It requires some downloading so I was quite hessitant initially. But the photographer in me said I should take the plunge, click the 'download' button and pooft! My wonderful journey with Photomix began. The programme is very easy to handle plus you can add on as many pictures as you want in a single canvas. More over, you can paste it anywhere in the canvas, and adjust the sizes as you like. It's like, manna from heaven! AND (yup, there's more!) you can add frames to your individual pictures of which you can select from a variety of templates. If tak cukup, you can download from their website and each download takes only a few seconds. Fast and friendly. I like. =) So the only thing I need now is a cekap online photo editor to edit my pics before I can paste them on my new best friend, PhotoMix. That's what I thought.

But no....PhotoMix get even better! I can even post a text on every picture in the collage. I just love PhotoMix more and more.

This is where it stops.

Then I realised that it's only a trial version and I have to buy the full version if i want to save the pics in the PC. That's so potong stim. That's it. All my hopes were crushed.

Moral behind the story: Cheap things no good, good things no cheap. I will have to settle for what's available online, whether I am fully satisfied or not. Or, I can invest in another Photoshop, which I think will lead to another disappointment. Till then I shall be unrest till I find the perfect free online photo editor.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Is A Bad Mother

The pictures say it all. In case u cant see through the noisy image (taken with my Sony Ericsson camera phone which cannot zoom on normal mode) the pictures show a mother smoking in front her toddler, shamelessly and guilt-lessly. I saw the scene during a Merdeka countdown somewhere around where I live.

Spare the child, woman! Smoking kills and will kill both you and your child. Seems like the kid will live a miserable life as a secondary smoker. All mothers out there, DO NOT do what this terrible selfish woman is doing. Quit smoking for the sake of your children, if you really love them. Fathers out there: Stop smoking before your kid follows your footsteps or before they start dreading your presence.

Smoking kills and I will do anything I could to condemn ciggerates. SAYA ANTI ROKOK.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Clogged Up

Residues from the past few weeks had been clogging the pipe, causing a very bad congestion from bottom up. The condition was so bad that those residues could not be pumped out from the pipe inlet, or flushed down fron the top. It was stuck.

Until some clog remover was inserted into the pipe. Then goes the gush from the top before more could flow out from where it should flow to. Out of the system. Freedom at last.

That describes how I lost an inch and a kilo yesterday.

Monday, September 10, 2007

This Calls For A QS

The flaws of some government purchasers have been exposed! The Star reported that "...the Government paid RM8.39mil more than the market price at that time." Wow, that's like reckless spending!

The examples given were shocking. Like, some el-chepo looking plastic vase that I personally think could be found in the RM5 shop which actually did cost some RM5.20 was bought by a stupid Government purchaser RM42.80. I smell a rat here. Come on, even an auntie who goes to the pasar knows that there is such thing as a BARGAIN and buying something without investigating on the market price is just plain foolish.

And the worse part was, there wasnt any black and white on the negotiations on the price of those items. Fishy, fishy. So who's to blame? The Government should just sack the people involved in this scam. I'm sure they are those commonly found officers who go to work on time only to leave at 8.02am for breakfast, 45-min tea break at 10.00am, 1-hour lunch at 12.30pm, tea again at 3.00pm and close shop at 5.00pm sharp. That doesnt include those frequent ciggy and toilet breaks. Sounds familiar? Yeah, THAT kind of people whose salaries are funded by the tax-payers. All tak boleh pakai.

Anyway, as I was reading the newspaper, I was thinking, boy, the Government needs more QS in departments other than JKR to bargain the price, engage cheap and reliable suppliers, and to compare the quotes for the best deals in town. Hmm...Suddenly I feel that there is a good market demand for QSes in areas other than constuction coz basically much of our work pertains to money management. But then again, this aint gonna make much difference coz the crux of the matter is not the job but the attitude towards the job. Corruption is a disease, QS or no QS. The only difference is, perhaps by employing a QS, the relevant government department could at least, have someone who specialises in the area of bargaining and knows how to report their evaluation in a proper way. Technically workable but...haih, you know how government officers are like, no need to say more.

Well, as lousy as the government office is, at least the Auditor General does his job pretty well. I am sure there are more shocking discoveries which were not reported in the dailies.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm In Another Controversy

Again, I ignited another controversy at work. I seriously think by the end of my stint with the company, my name will be blacklisted. Sigh.

The last time I made a controversy was about the fee for the sports club's movie outing. So great was the issue that our CEO himself had to reply to ALL in the company to back the club's move.

This time around, its work related. Some system issues. From an innocent email explaining the problems with implementation of the system to the managing team and my site qs and PMs, now it has flowed out to other mangers and heads who are really not in relevant to the situation. I wonder, who else would reply to the mail. Dato CEO? MD of Properties? Country director of our Middle East counterpart? The heck.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fun Things To Do Alone

1. Go to Borders and read your favourite book. Or the most expensive one. Or the book on something you really like to learn about.

2. Go shopping. If you have the cash or smthg you NEED to buy. Yes, go alone. It's fun coz you dont have to be too conscious of other people's perspective on your taste of stuff. You know how stressful it is to shop with a brand-conscious person, especially when you dont share the same sentiment on branded-ness.

3. Watch a DVD. Something that you like.

4. Do the things that you have always wanted to do. Like a field trip or something. Writing is easy and practical. Cooking is not recommended unless you are cooking a one-meal thing. If not how to finish up the food?

5. Sleep. Yaey!

That's what I did on the Merdeka Holidays. Who said you need to hang out to be cool and happy?