Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tunku The Musical

There were two things I intended to do last Friday night: either go to the gym or stay back till a little late to finish up some work. Both didnt work out. Instead I went to watch a musical. Hehe. Joshua got two free tickets so off we went to to KLPAC.

I saw the promotion posters of "Tunku" at the LRT stations and thought to myself, this sure is a grand musical. The casts lineup is also not bad, I would love to watch if I have the time, company and of course ca$h. You know how expensive these things would be...


Tony Eusoff did a magnificant job in portraying Tunku. Really. I especially like the classic scene where he shouted 'Merdeka' 7 times. And Douglas Lim was pretty good as Tun Tan Cheng Lock. But funny thing is, how come no Tun Sambathan?? before you start boiling that racism blood, pls scroll down...I'll tell you why.





That's because the whole drama was NOT about Tunku and his kawan-kawan. How dare you blespheme our Bapa Kemerdekaan by making a play about him! Hah, not that la. Throughout the entire play Tunku never appeared, except on the screen where footages of the past was flashed out for us to see as part of the presentation. The story was more focused on the events and incidents post-independance. Also deep issues about racism and all, which actually led to to thk, gosh, these people are BRAVE, wont they get into trouble by doing this??

Anyway, as usual, I wont elaborate about the story. You wanna know more, go to KLPAC's website. So I'm gonna talk about what I like about the musical. My favourite part was the transition from "God Save The Queen" to "Negaraku". Excellent. A guy would sing the British national anthem solo and slowly, the group will join in with the Negaraku. GSTQ fades and Negaraku got louder, and louder until, GSTQ was not heard anymore. I personally find that transition very deep and profound. It brought up some sense of pride, that the rain is over and we could finally leave the umbrella of foreign rulers. It was an emotional moment, and I think I felt some tears preparing to roll down my cheeks. But it didnt. Heh.

Another scene, not any favourite of mine but its was outstanding. The graphic rape scene. Yes, there was a rape scene in the play. Not gonna elaborate much about that but it was one of the erm, 'highlights' for the 13th May 1969 incident.

So people, if you like musical theatres, you may want to consider Tunku. It may not be as grand as Puteri Gunung Ledang but it deserves some credits too. Go watch it if you are a keen theatre-goer. It's at KLPAC.

Speaking about KLPAC, it was my first trip there and I love the place so much. Very, very classy colonial style buildings (KLPAC occupies one of those buildings) with a peaceful park surrounding the area. It must have been a high society British residential area a long time ago. Made up of beautiful clay bricks with some rustic edge as the building ages with time. They are they look better as they get older! haha.

Seems like time has stopped from the days of the British rule and Coliseum Cafe.

Ah, did I mention anywhere that Joshua knows both the music and lyrics guys? There were his schoolmates! Suddenly I felt like I am so close to the high society pulak, haha.


Nick Dorian said...

Hey hey. Thanks for coming and watching the play and thanks for the kind words. Just a note. Tony Eusoff did not play Tunku. He plays Tuan Syed, Tunku's political aide. Tunku is not potrayed by anyone on stage.

tina said...

hi nick.

i know tony didnt play tunku, i was just pulling some legs with that statement. if you have read it carefully, you should have known tht i was just bluffing on that.


thanks for dropping by. were you one of the cast?

Jeremy said...

I was just googling as usual and found this blog entry. Glad you enjoy GSTQ part.. *wink*