Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sorry For The Virus

Dear all of my MSN contacts,

I am so extremely absolutely sorry and ashamed of my misbehaved MSN account which just couldnt stop sending out virus despite various attempts to prevent it from happening. I have since uninstalled the programme as an effort to curb the spreading of this virus. So if you see any messages from me which conjure a very normal conversation before sending a winzip file with the title "pic.gif", DO NOT ACCEPT THE TRANSFER.

I dont suddenly send pics thru MSN ok. Unless I call you by your full name, then maybe you can accept the file. Otherwise, DONT. I got the stupid virus through the same method, a totally normal conversation which led to me trusting that the 'friend' wanted to send me some pics and whoop! the virus had claimed another victim. Me. Sad.

So guys, I accept new 3G phones, a laptop, external HDD 80G or a brand new CPU as a thank you gift for warning u all of this new virus. ;p No lah, kidding. Most importantly, please know that it was never my intention to harm anyone's pc with any form of malicious viruses. Take care and please dont blame me for all the crappy things tht u received from the so-called tina on msn. Not sent by me, the virus did it. I guess it would take a long time before I could re-install MSN again. And if anybody have any advice on how to boot the virus, let me know. Million thanks.


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