Thursday, August 23, 2007

Office Stories No. 1

Have not had the time to blog lately. Been extremely busy these days, having to assess a major claim and the amount that I will certify will be used in perhaps the arbitration court against this subcontractor who terminated himself without sufficient notice. The sue-ing part is not mine to care but the certification of work done is my responsibility. Feels so heavy on me. Heavy yet challenging and I am quite priviledge to be given such a task. Not easy, has great repercussions in the event that the dispute is brought to the court, but all in all, I'm OK with the work la.

That's why I have not had the time to blog or even do anything else. Even now I am stealing time to type.


July is the month where the gates of hell will be opened and all spirits will be released for 40 days. At least that's what the Chinese believes. But I dont, of course.

There has been frequent sightings at my site since the beginning of the so-called hungry ghost festival. A few days ago, Ali, our office general worker encountered a 'little girl about 13 years old' at 9.00pm in one of the basements. He was on the way back to the office after buying some ciggies for my PMs. The apparition apparently asked him what he was doing there but he couldnt reply coz he was too scared. He fainted.

Yesterday night another general worker was followed by a 'pregnant' lady ghost. 'She' stuck herself to him and followed him all the way till the top (where there is light). He was stunned but managed to keep his cool and pretended that he didnt know she was there.

A colleague of mine fell ill last week and he seems to get worse. Some believe he was disturbed by some spirits after the prayer ceremony a few nights back. He and another guy invited a 'bomoh' to come over at the basement to chase away all ghosts but seems like there are 2 stubborn spirits who didnt want to leave. Perhaps it was the involvement of the bomoh that caused him to fall so ill. But I'll put the bet of his illness on his ciggies. Maybe a little on the spirits too. But certainly not on ghosts and bomohs.

But so far I have not encountered any ghosts. I believe that the one in me is greater than the one in the world.


Today one of the general workers treated us to some biscuits. Nothing special, just the normal tinned assorted biscuits. He gained RM 70 from some transaction which I dont understand (coz he's Bangladeshi and speaks Bahasa a little different) and with some of the money, he bought the biscuits for us office people who earn so much more than he does. Which made me think and humble myself. I wish I could be more generous and less calculative with my money.

Speaking about construction labours, I really think sometimes they are very misunderstood. Working with them around everyday, I've come to learn that not all are as bad as we think they are. The Bangladeshis are generally more decent and they can be pretty nice and polite. And they dont mean bad. Just because they look different doesnt mean they are to be avoided. No doubt some can be bad but isnt that applicable to all races? So the next time you see a construction worker, do not treat them like they are gonna rob you but rather just treat them like normal. Unless they show obvious signs of threatening you, then in that case, RUN!

Besides that, generally, I find it beautiful to see people from different nationalities, with no proper common langguage hanging out with each other, sharing stuff, eating together and teaching and learning from one another. The cutest I saw is the Vietnamese guy and a Bangladeshi fella of which both speak broken bahasa but yet, managed to stay as good friends.


OK, that's it la for now. Got to finish up the life-or-death claims now.

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Cruel Angel said...

Scary le!!!

Hope u r alright! Pray hard!!! Be confident in our Lord & all will be alright.