Monday, August 06, 2007

I've Made It!

Rejoice for I have conquered of the most challenging task a yuppie would take on. C'mon, I completed a 10km race! Yaey!

It took me 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the finishing line after 4 km of running, 0.5km of jogging and the remaining 5.5km of brisk walking. I swear to you that I did NOT stop to rest throughout the entire race and the only times I slowed down was at the water checkpoint which was like 5km away from the starting point and 3 km away from the finishing line. Though I didn’t qualify for a medal or a certificate, nevertheless, I am still proud to be able to complete the race without any hitch. No leg cramps. No breathlessness. No sinus problem.

That’s all about me in the race.

Now, about the race itself. Well, it started really early, 7.00am for my category and 6.45am for longer distances categories. I don’t know how many participants in the race but my bet is around 6000 or so. I never knew there were THAT many marathoners in Malaysia.

That morning everyone was early. There were the reporters.

There was Dato Seri Sam. He flagged off the race. Honestly, this was the first time I actually see a minister live in person and he looked….no different from how he looks on TV. Of course Sam V didn’t notice me lah although I went right to the front together with other official reporters to take his picture on the pedestal.

There was DKT. No surprise for me though coz I always knew he is a supporter of company events.

Oh, btw, this run was organized by the company. NPE belongs to the us now, MUAHAHA.

There were the runners.

The crowd was massive.

And surprisingly, Spiderman came too!

The things that people do to get attention. Haih.
Here's a pic of the tired people who made it to the end..

If you know me well enough you would probably be able to guess what I would feature next.


a) A running vest worth RM 59.90
b) A tshirt worth RM 44.90
c) Im supposed to get another Planet IJM tshirt but I didn’t want it coz I already have 2 from the Gunung Ledang trip. So this shirt in not in the picture.
d) Vouchers. Eyewear voucher and shoe voucher.

All those (except item c) are from Adidas. Original. FOC. Makes me smile from ear to ear! Haha.

I deliberately left my registration number for those 4D buyers. Gambling is bad, my advice to you.

Anyway, after the race my legs were aching and I just needed something to soothe them or else I wouldnt be able to drive home. I take pride in my abilities to multitask while driving- rubbing deep heating cream on my claves is one of them ;p. Mind you, I drive a manual car OK.

Deep Heating Rub by Mentholatum really works.

Go buy it if you intend to run a marathon anytime soon.

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Cruel Angel said...

Why u like to wear long pants ah?

Play futsal long pants Run also long pants..
u know short pants is better for exercise