Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm Running On A Marathon This Weekend

For the sake of the company and the Sports Club, I'm going to sacrificed my ONLY rest day in a week to wake up at 5.00am just to be on time for the NPE Adidas King of The Road marathon which will flag off at 7.00am.

Adui, so early. Could have done so many better things like go for breakfast, or SLEEP.= ( But then again, its OK lah, I just need to make believe that I'm actually waking up early to exercise. Hehe..

For this race, I will have to run for 10 km within an hour. That's like 6 mins for every km. At the speed of 10 kph. AND have to run in a constant pace. Can I make it? Even at the gym, I find myself dreading every minute at the threadmill. Speaking about the gym, I've not been to one for quite some time due to work overcommitment and lots and lots of things that were happening around me (eg friends getting married, friend suddenly wanna meet up, birthdays, etc). And to add salt to the already ailing muscles, I ate a lot lately. Dont know why, maybe I'm stressed (tho I refuse to admit that I eat more when stressed). Darn. Might not be able to finish the race on time. I dont want to be running (or most likely, walking) halfway only to find myself having to avoid cars and bikes that would be using the highway after 10am.

Am seriously thinking of hopping into the Adidas bus if I cant finish half the course in 30 mins. But it will be quite a shame to tell people that I joined a marathon (which sounds like a macho thing) but ended up being picked by the bus coz I couldnt finish the race on time (anti-climax betul!). But the positive side is, I will have more time to enjoy myself, enjoy the freebies and..take photographs as much as I want!

In the meantime, with 4 more days to go and tak sempat also to train up my muscles so I might as well strategize on where should I stop to take photographs! After all, my bigger interest is in photography, not the medal or the cash prize.
Will report from the scene next week.

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