Monday, August 20, 2007

If Only

Year in year out, when the new semester starts, there will be young and innocent freshies, having travelled all the way from some small town with hearts full of hope and excitement to begin a new phase of life. And every year, there will be somebody who would either quit or worst case, suicide when they find life in university isnt a bed of roses.

Juniors, why the misery? Why the negative thoughts? Why keep it to yourself? If the seniors bully you, be patient, someday someone will find out about this and help you. And seniors, what kind of bullshit mentality is this- to bully (I dont even want to use the word rag) those freshies. Have you not remember how terrible the feeling was when you first started here? How crappy you felt when you were in the junior's position? And what rubbish it is to think that just because you have been here for a little longer, you are so great that you can bully others. Nonsense! "Senior" is not a position you earned, not a title you gained because you are so great. Being a senior does not make you superior but rather it should come with the responsibility to carry your juniors when they are weak, to hold them when they are vulnerable and to encourage them to keep going strong. Cheer them to finish the race. Your juniors will respect you even more when you least command for it. And if you have been bullied by your predecessors, all the more you should NOT repeat the same on the juniors. If you do, then SHAME on you.

To the young girl who quitted uni because the seniors bullied her, I so wish I heard about this earlier. Girl, I can help you, that is for sure. You've been through so far, suffering the worse exam in Malaysia and secured yourself a place in UM. You fought through and you deserved to be here to pursue your dreams. Why do you have to leave just because of a bunch of primitive seniors? What a waste. If only I knew about this earlier. If only.

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Cruel Angel said...

This ragging culture isnt really healthy for Self confidence development. NOt everyone can take it, those who can of cause come out stronger.