Thursday, August 23, 2007

Office Stories No. 1

Have not had the time to blog lately. Been extremely busy these days, having to assess a major claim and the amount that I will certify will be used in perhaps the arbitration court against this subcontractor who terminated himself without sufficient notice. The sue-ing part is not mine to care but the certification of work done is my responsibility. Feels so heavy on me. Heavy yet challenging and I am quite priviledge to be given such a task. Not easy, has great repercussions in the event that the dispute is brought to the court, but all in all, I'm OK with the work la.

That's why I have not had the time to blog or even do anything else. Even now I am stealing time to type.


July is the month where the gates of hell will be opened and all spirits will be released for 40 days. At least that's what the Chinese believes. But I dont, of course.

There has been frequent sightings at my site since the beginning of the so-called hungry ghost festival. A few days ago, Ali, our office general worker encountered a 'little girl about 13 years old' at 9.00pm in one of the basements. He was on the way back to the office after buying some ciggies for my PMs. The apparition apparently asked him what he was doing there but he couldnt reply coz he was too scared. He fainted.

Yesterday night another general worker was followed by a 'pregnant' lady ghost. 'She' stuck herself to him and followed him all the way till the top (where there is light). He was stunned but managed to keep his cool and pretended that he didnt know she was there.

A colleague of mine fell ill last week and he seems to get worse. Some believe he was disturbed by some spirits after the prayer ceremony a few nights back. He and another guy invited a 'bomoh' to come over at the basement to chase away all ghosts but seems like there are 2 stubborn spirits who didnt want to leave. Perhaps it was the involvement of the bomoh that caused him to fall so ill. But I'll put the bet of his illness on his ciggies. Maybe a little on the spirits too. But certainly not on ghosts and bomohs.

But so far I have not encountered any ghosts. I believe that the one in me is greater than the one in the world.


Today one of the general workers treated us to some biscuits. Nothing special, just the normal tinned assorted biscuits. He gained RM 70 from some transaction which I dont understand (coz he's Bangladeshi and speaks Bahasa a little different) and with some of the money, he bought the biscuits for us office people who earn so much more than he does. Which made me think and humble myself. I wish I could be more generous and less calculative with my money.

Speaking about construction labours, I really think sometimes they are very misunderstood. Working with them around everyday, I've come to learn that not all are as bad as we think they are. The Bangladeshis are generally more decent and they can be pretty nice and polite. And they dont mean bad. Just because they look different doesnt mean they are to be avoided. No doubt some can be bad but isnt that applicable to all races? So the next time you see a construction worker, do not treat them like they are gonna rob you but rather just treat them like normal. Unless they show obvious signs of threatening you, then in that case, RUN!

Besides that, generally, I find it beautiful to see people from different nationalities, with no proper common langguage hanging out with each other, sharing stuff, eating together and teaching and learning from one another. The cutest I saw is the Vietnamese guy and a Bangladeshi fella of which both speak broken bahasa but yet, managed to stay as good friends.


OK, that's it la for now. Got to finish up the life-or-death claims now.

Monday, August 20, 2007

If Only

Year in year out, when the new semester starts, there will be young and innocent freshies, having travelled all the way from some small town with hearts full of hope and excitement to begin a new phase of life. And every year, there will be somebody who would either quit or worst case, suicide when they find life in university isnt a bed of roses.

Juniors, why the misery? Why the negative thoughts? Why keep it to yourself? If the seniors bully you, be patient, someday someone will find out about this and help you. And seniors, what kind of bullshit mentality is this- to bully (I dont even want to use the word rag) those freshies. Have you not remember how terrible the feeling was when you first started here? How crappy you felt when you were in the junior's position? And what rubbish it is to think that just because you have been here for a little longer, you are so great that you can bully others. Nonsense! "Senior" is not a position you earned, not a title you gained because you are so great. Being a senior does not make you superior but rather it should come with the responsibility to carry your juniors when they are weak, to hold them when they are vulnerable and to encourage them to keep going strong. Cheer them to finish the race. Your juniors will respect you even more when you least command for it. And if you have been bullied by your predecessors, all the more you should NOT repeat the same on the juniors. If you do, then SHAME on you.

To the young girl who quitted uni because the seniors bullied her, I so wish I heard about this earlier. Girl, I can help you, that is for sure. You've been through so far, suffering the worse exam in Malaysia and secured yourself a place in UM. You fought through and you deserved to be here to pursue your dreams. Why do you have to leave just because of a bunch of primitive seniors? What a waste. If only I knew about this earlier. If only.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tunku The Musical

There were two things I intended to do last Friday night: either go to the gym or stay back till a little late to finish up some work. Both didnt work out. Instead I went to watch a musical. Hehe. Joshua got two free tickets so off we went to to KLPAC.

I saw the promotion posters of "Tunku" at the LRT stations and thought to myself, this sure is a grand musical. The casts lineup is also not bad, I would love to watch if I have the time, company and of course ca$h. You know how expensive these things would be...


Tony Eusoff did a magnificant job in portraying Tunku. Really. I especially like the classic scene where he shouted 'Merdeka' 7 times. And Douglas Lim was pretty good as Tun Tan Cheng Lock. But funny thing is, how come no Tun Sambathan?? before you start boiling that racism blood, pls scroll down...I'll tell you why.





That's because the whole drama was NOT about Tunku and his kawan-kawan. How dare you blespheme our Bapa Kemerdekaan by making a play about him! Hah, not that la. Throughout the entire play Tunku never appeared, except on the screen where footages of the past was flashed out for us to see as part of the presentation. The story was more focused on the events and incidents post-independance. Also deep issues about racism and all, which actually led to to thk, gosh, these people are BRAVE, wont they get into trouble by doing this??

Anyway, as usual, I wont elaborate about the story. You wanna know more, go to KLPAC's website. So I'm gonna talk about what I like about the musical. My favourite part was the transition from "God Save The Queen" to "Negaraku". Excellent. A guy would sing the British national anthem solo and slowly, the group will join in with the Negaraku. GSTQ fades and Negaraku got louder, and louder until, GSTQ was not heard anymore. I personally find that transition very deep and profound. It brought up some sense of pride, that the rain is over and we could finally leave the umbrella of foreign rulers. It was an emotional moment, and I think I felt some tears preparing to roll down my cheeks. But it didnt. Heh.

Another scene, not any favourite of mine but its was outstanding. The graphic rape scene. Yes, there was a rape scene in the play. Not gonna elaborate much about that but it was one of the erm, 'highlights' for the 13th May 1969 incident.

So people, if you like musical theatres, you may want to consider Tunku. It may not be as grand as Puteri Gunung Ledang but it deserves some credits too. Go watch it if you are a keen theatre-goer. It's at KLPAC.

Speaking about KLPAC, it was my first trip there and I love the place so much. Very, very classy colonial style buildings (KLPAC occupies one of those buildings) with a peaceful park surrounding the area. It must have been a high society British residential area a long time ago. Made up of beautiful clay bricks with some rustic edge as the building ages with time. They are they look better as they get older! haha.

Seems like time has stopped from the days of the British rule and Coliseum Cafe.

Ah, did I mention anywhere that Joshua knows both the music and lyrics guys? There were his schoolmates! Suddenly I felt like I am so close to the high society pulak, haha.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Just To Say Hello

It's been a while since I last blogged. Life has not been boring in the past couple of weeks, just that I didnt (and still dont) have the time to blog about the latest muse in my life. More so to load pictures. Darn on my job. If you have sibs who want to pursue quantity surveying, tell them DONT. Tie them to the bed, lock them up, send them to military school. Never step into construction, especially as a QS.


Hopefully I'll be able to post up something by this weekend.

Ta. Back to work.

Monday, August 06, 2007

I've Made It!

Rejoice for I have conquered of the most challenging task a yuppie would take on. C'mon, I completed a 10km race! Yaey!

It took me 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the finishing line after 4 km of running, 0.5km of jogging and the remaining 5.5km of brisk walking. I swear to you that I did NOT stop to rest throughout the entire race and the only times I slowed down was at the water checkpoint which was like 5km away from the starting point and 3 km away from the finishing line. Though I didn’t qualify for a medal or a certificate, nevertheless, I am still proud to be able to complete the race without any hitch. No leg cramps. No breathlessness. No sinus problem.

That’s all about me in the race.

Now, about the race itself. Well, it started really early, 7.00am for my category and 6.45am for longer distances categories. I don’t know how many participants in the race but my bet is around 6000 or so. I never knew there were THAT many marathoners in Malaysia.

That morning everyone was early. There were the reporters.

There was Dato Seri Sam. He flagged off the race. Honestly, this was the first time I actually see a minister live in person and he looked….no different from how he looks on TV. Of course Sam V didn’t notice me lah although I went right to the front together with other official reporters to take his picture on the pedestal.

There was DKT. No surprise for me though coz I always knew he is a supporter of company events.

Oh, btw, this run was organized by the company. NPE belongs to the us now, MUAHAHA.

There were the runners.

The crowd was massive.

And surprisingly, Spiderman came too!

The things that people do to get attention. Haih.
Here's a pic of the tired people who made it to the end..

If you know me well enough you would probably be able to guess what I would feature next.


a) A running vest worth RM 59.90
b) A tshirt worth RM 44.90
c) Im supposed to get another Planet IJM tshirt but I didn’t want it coz I already have 2 from the Gunung Ledang trip. So this shirt in not in the picture.
d) Vouchers. Eyewear voucher and shoe voucher.

All those (except item c) are from Adidas. Original. FOC. Makes me smile from ear to ear! Haha.

I deliberately left my registration number for those 4D buyers. Gambling is bad, my advice to you.

Anyway, after the race my legs were aching and I just needed something to soothe them or else I wouldnt be able to drive home. I take pride in my abilities to multitask while driving- rubbing deep heating cream on my claves is one of them ;p. Mind you, I drive a manual car OK.

Deep Heating Rub by Mentholatum really works.

Go buy it if you intend to run a marathon anytime soon.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sorry For The Virus

Dear all of my MSN contacts,

I am so extremely absolutely sorry and ashamed of my misbehaved MSN account which just couldnt stop sending out virus despite various attempts to prevent it from happening. I have since uninstalled the programme as an effort to curb the spreading of this virus. So if you see any messages from me which conjure a very normal conversation before sending a winzip file with the title "pic.gif", DO NOT ACCEPT THE TRANSFER.

I dont suddenly send pics thru MSN ok. Unless I call you by your full name, then maybe you can accept the file. Otherwise, DONT. I got the stupid virus through the same method, a totally normal conversation which led to me trusting that the 'friend' wanted to send me some pics and whoop! the virus had claimed another victim. Me. Sad.

So guys, I accept new 3G phones, a laptop, external HDD 80G or a brand new CPU as a thank you gift for warning u all of this new virus. ;p No lah, kidding. Most importantly, please know that it was never my intention to harm anyone's pc with any form of malicious viruses. Take care and please dont blame me for all the crappy things tht u received from the so-called tina on msn. Not sent by me, the virus did it. I guess it would take a long time before I could re-install MSN again. And if anybody have any advice on how to boot the virus, let me know. Million thanks.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm Running On A Marathon This Weekend

For the sake of the company and the Sports Club, I'm going to sacrificed my ONLY rest day in a week to wake up at 5.00am just to be on time for the NPE Adidas King of The Road marathon which will flag off at 7.00am.

Adui, so early. Could have done so many better things like go for breakfast, or SLEEP.= ( But then again, its OK lah, I just need to make believe that I'm actually waking up early to exercise. Hehe..

For this race, I will have to run for 10 km within an hour. That's like 6 mins for every km. At the speed of 10 kph. AND have to run in a constant pace. Can I make it? Even at the gym, I find myself dreading every minute at the threadmill. Speaking about the gym, I've not been to one for quite some time due to work overcommitment and lots and lots of things that were happening around me (eg friends getting married, friend suddenly wanna meet up, birthdays, etc). And to add salt to the already ailing muscles, I ate a lot lately. Dont know why, maybe I'm stressed (tho I refuse to admit that I eat more when stressed). Darn. Might not be able to finish the race on time. I dont want to be running (or most likely, walking) halfway only to find myself having to avoid cars and bikes that would be using the highway after 10am.

Am seriously thinking of hopping into the Adidas bus if I cant finish half the course in 30 mins. But it will be quite a shame to tell people that I joined a marathon (which sounds like a macho thing) but ended up being picked by the bus coz I couldnt finish the race on time (anti-climax betul!). But the positive side is, I will have more time to enjoy myself, enjoy the freebies and..take photographs as much as I want!

In the meantime, with 4 more days to go and tak sempat also to train up my muscles so I might as well strategize on where should I stop to take photographs! After all, my bigger interest is in photography, not the medal or the cash prize.
Will report from the scene next week.