Friday, July 06, 2007

Transformers- Go Watch It. Now.

If you don't, you'll regret. No kidding. The movie was THAT good.

I grew up watching Transformers, the cartoon. I bet you a million bucks that at least 98% of people from my generation (ie kids of the eighties) would definitely remember bits and pieces of the cartoon because it was such a hit in those days when technology was still confined to 2D animation and Astro was nothing we had in mind. I remember robots. Optimus Prime. Um um. The sexiest robot (haha!). Megatron. And the rest which I somehow dont quite remember anymore until recently. And yes, the Japanese version (which I think was quite a sucky copycat, pardon me, no malice to Japs out there) and the original American version.

I enjoyed the elaborate tranformation scenes. The robots look so real, just like the vehicles that they tranform into.

Especially Optimus Prime. The great Optimus Prime who would leave both man and woman drooling for more and shamelessly cry if he dies. Wow, cant imagine how an imagery charactor like him could actually impact so many kids way into their adulthood.

Bumble Bee was not bad too. It was particularly overwhelming to see the bond between he and his human 'owner'.

As for the Decepticons, I like Barricade the most. He did an excellent tranformation in the car chase scene whr he transformed from robot into police car and literally flew on the road. Great car chase scenes in the movie, by the way.

Im not going to spoil your anticipation of the movie, if you havent watch it. Just one word to say- SUPERB. If you dont have time to watch the movie, just take half day leave and watch it on the silver screen. If you are too stingy to pay RM 11 for a movie, save on ur meals and GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. If you dont like watching alone, let go off your ego and GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. If you have kids at home and can't bring them to the cinemas, call you mother-in-law to take care of the kids and GO WATCH THIS MOVIE! hehe......

As for me I am going to watch it again and again and I am already gearing up for my second trip to the cinema!

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