Saturday, July 07, 2007

Super Heroes and Patriotism

I realised something about superheroes. They are very much similar to one another.

Can you spot the similarity in the pictures below?

L-R: Optimus Prime (Transformers), Superman (Superman), and Spiderman (Spiderman)

Can you see the similarity?

Yes, their theme colors are Red and Blue! Why those colors? I suspect its because of this:

The American flag is predominatly Red and Blue. You see, American heroes bear the American flag in their bodies to show their patriotism. It could be deliberate, it could be coincidence and could be inspirational. Probably the comic/cartoon guys just couldnt think of any color to suit their superheroes so they conviniently used the color of the American flag.

Don't quote me, its just my speculation. Red and blue are indeed a catchy combination.

But for this superhero from the East, I would believe it has somthing to do with patriotism.

Ultraman and all his kind ie Taro and the rest which I dont remember their names by now.

Theme colors are Red and White. Just like the Japanese Flag.

Jap hero who comes to save the day.

In Malaysia, we have our own superheroes too. Remember Keluang Man? Haha... tapi tak ada gambar la for that fella.

Since no pic of him, let's look at our latest superhero- Cicak Man! (literal translation- Lizard Man).

There is nothing patriotic about Cicak Man. And he doesnt look anything gecko-ish. Not even close. How la? Color combination also doesnt reflect our Jalur Gemilang.

Cicak Man should wear Red, Blue AND Yellow.

** All pictures courtesy of The World Wide Web.


Cruel Angel said...

Those American & Japanese are smart in instilling Patriotism in the yOUng one by CARTOON!

Msian has been install with hate for other races since young!

Anonymous said...

hey didnt i point out that fact to u?

gimme credit la wei..


Emily said...

hahahaha, cicak man can considered as super hero?!?!!?