Monday, July 23, 2007

So Much To Write

But was totally killed off when I see the pictures that was taken by my company's el-chepo Ben Q digital camera with absolutely NO anti hand shake, NO optical zoom, and NO night features. The results- damn shaky pics without flash, and very noisy and pixelized image with flash. It's really bad, so sorry guys, I cant put it up here for your viewing. I hope Jean's camera would produce better results.

Damn you BenQ if dont know how to make camera dont sell la, now pics tak jadi so how? Stupid. Cheap is no excuse ok coz Nikon also can sell the good L4 for a price below RM500, what cant you? Just stop selling ok? I blame BenQ and also my project for buying such cheap camera. Sigh.

Anyway, since I tak ada mood to write about my very interesting weekend and 2 nights of party (NOT the club party, but home party), I shall write about...nothing. Just some ramblings. Oh ya, the search for Tong Kee Confectionary did not bear any positive fruit- the shop was closed on the day that I needed to buy those famous egg tarts! Ish. Sia-sia only I write so much about that place only to find that its closed- on a Saturday evening! I ended up getting my tarts from Berry's, which is kinda boring. Should've done more research before I venture out.

Will write more when I have the time and when I have cooled off my anger. Still quite pissed with the BenQ.

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