Friday, July 20, 2007

The Search For The Best Egg Tarts

I am doing a huntdown for the best egg tarts in KL. Why egg tarts? Well, first of all, egg tarts are adorably cute and they are well enjoyed by almost everyone in Malaysia. Tell me, who doesnt like egg tarts? And secondly, I thought egg tarts make easy finger food for Pheng's a friend's bridal shower this weekend.

Since most of the guests for the evening would most probably bring in their fantastic signature dishes and I could only tapau some food due to work (I work till 5 smthg every Saturday), I might as well search for THE BEST EGG TARTS IN TOWN. Gloria gave a good start by telling me the existance of a famous egg-tartler in Jalan Imbi. Well, I searched the net and was led to another place called Tong Kee confectionary at Pudu.

Picture taken from PabloPabla's blog. I dont know who she is but heck, she has one of the best pics for Tong Kee's egg tarts!

Apparently, this place has been operating for as long as anyone could remember and is still serving the best egg tarts in the whole of KL. Kononnya the baker adds lard to his dough to produce the well-loved crispy pastry for the tart. I have yet to verify that but I think this is a pretty safe bet if I were to bring egg tarts for the occassion tomorrow. But before I clap my hands in glee and close my case for The-Best-Egg-Tarts-In-KL search, it is only fair for me to look for other contenders.

Before I knew about this bakery, I was thinking of getting the tarts from a pretty nice bakey called Papparoti at Ampang Park. I was first introduced to these tarts by a colleague who treated everyone in the office egg tarts for tea. The pastry is also crispy, almost like crossaint, and the custard- juuuust nice, not too sweat and wont make you jelak. Plus, its relatively cheaper than that of Tong Kee's, which means I can buy MORE. Can even buy some for my sister and myself. She extremely lurrrrves egg tarts! The tarts are so light that they can be eaten as appetisers or dessert after a heavy meal!

So the dilemma now is, Tong Kee or Papparoti? Price or quality? If I weigh the pros between the two, I sould say that Papparoti has the upper hand coz it's near my office and its way cheaper than Tong Kee. But in the sense of quality in the taste, I would still consider Tong Kee the safest bet. How ah? Hmm. I have one night to think.

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