Monday, July 30, 2007

Scary Possibility

Heard this news on the radio today and thought to myself, hm, scary!

I imagine myself being in the owner's shoes.

Properties in the Klang Valley generally isnt cheap. Lagi in prime areas like Mont Kiara, PJ and Damansara. A decent condominium easily costs a minimum of RM 250K, which means you need a downpayment of at least RM 25,000. Seems small but if you earn an average 2.5K-3.5K a month, that would take years before you could actually afford to dump that sum of cash into your dream apartment without having to eat sand and grass everyday. And then there's the installment, maintenance cost and quit rent to pay. And upon completion of the building (or for second hand properties, the completion of all the procedures), you have to think about furnishing and decorating your new home. That is the most exciting part, despite having to spend another good RM 10K or so. You would be thinking about the theme of your home, what sofa to buy, how to organise the kitchen and stuff... After all that monetary sacrifices and efforts used to make your new apartment a home, you finally could move in and live happily ever after in that new place of zen.

And then, just before you were scheduled to move in, you found a dead body sealed in the refrigerator.

Damn potong stim. Potong until cannot reignite.

I dont believe in ghosts (not spirits, though) but surely I will be mentally affected by the fact that SOMEBODY WAS BRUTALLY MURDERED AND CHOPPED IN MY NEW APARTMENT. I would imagine how it all happened. Could the murderer a black magic practitioner who chopped her housemate to sacrifice to her pagan gods? Could it be the activity of a cult? Was the apartment once a home for the cult group, where they invite pagan spirits and performed their ritual here? Were there more than one bloodshed in the apartment? Eee...

Or maybe, things were less complicated. An angry-turned-pshychotic wife couldnt bear with her husband being unfaithful or abusive to her decided to take justice into her own hand by murdering the husband. And to avoid punishment, she chopped him up and left the body to decompose in the fridge, hoping the body will be kept frozen and undetected for a long time. But she forgot that there will NOT be any electricity supply during the period of vacancy so...naturally the scent of the dead will emerge. Hm.

Or maybe, the victim was murdered by his mentally challenged son. Oh, maybe, he was murdered by some rough labourers who wanted to rob him. I am not bias to foreign labourers, but being in the industry which heavily depends on them, I know which labourers are harmless, which should be avoided. And the ones to be avoided, I would say, are NOT nice and dangerous.

Whatever the reasons be, a dead man in a new home is not a good moving-in surprise. I bet the owner of the new apartment would have to wait at least a year before he could move in to give clearance for the cops to do their stuff. If this were to happen to me, the first thing in my mind is...Gosh



A little thought about murder. I was thinking and chatting with Petrina about how amusing our bodies can be. You see, if a cat dies, it dies and nobody gives much thought about the body and the stench. But a human body cannot be hidden, no matter how hard the murderer tried. You can burn like in the Canny Ong's case, still the charred remains will be found. You can even blast it into bits like in the Atlantuya's case, still the crime will not go undetected. Heck, you can even try to chop them into pieces and selamba dump like its a normal rubbish like in the Ipoh Parkson Ria case 15 years ago, or even make the extra mile to refrigerate the body like the case above. Have you thought of that before- that the murdered human body CANNOT be disposed undetected at all? Petrina enlightened me of this- that it is written in the Bible, in the very first account of innocent bloodshed. The story of Cain and Abel. Here's an excerp from the Biblegateway. Sorry, poor editing of the image.

The blood of the innocent cries out for justice, to be heard, and to be avenged. There is no escaping to that.

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