Monday, July 16, 2007

Rotting at Home? A Little.

Last Saturday was fantastic- I stayed in. Ya, didnt go anywhere except to Tesco to get some stuff for dinner. I really, really needed that time alone at home just to unwind and chill. And to cook too. I love cooking but never seem to find the time to really get into the kitchen and do all the frying and stuff. This time I not only managed to cook a decent dinner but also some dessert! Haha. I feel so accomplished!

But you know things can get a little boring when the night gets later and the TV stations expect less viewers on a Saturday night. I found myself watching a lame malay movie on TV3! haha. But all in all, the night alone was pretty cool. At least I enjoyed it.

Maybe you guys should try it too. =)

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Emily said...

sometimes i do like alone time. Recently i just wish that somebody can be at home with me when i back home from stressful work. I cried out loud to God on last Tuesday, because of stress with my works and lonely at home, yet no energy to go out...