Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Little Bit Of Salt Adds Taste To Life...

Nothing soothes the tired legs and stressful mind when caught in a Friday night traffic jam at Puduraya more than some good music in the car to accompany you all the way home. I highly recommend Mix FM's Retro R&B on Friday nights. Especially if you are driving in the heart of the city coz it just jives so well to the city beat.

My particular favourite for the night was "December 1963" by Four Seasons. Excellent tune with a brilliant mix.


Ah, if you remember yesterday's entry about the search for the best egg tarts, I'm one step closer to success- I finally located the very much acclaimed egg tart shop- Tong Kee. It's pretty easy to get there, just get to the Pudu prison junction, turn into Jalan Pudu, keep to the left and look for the signboard that says 'Jalan Brunei'. The main Jalan Brunei is just after the caltex station and from there on, drive pass the big mamak and turn right. It's very near Plaza Pudu.

I'm telling you the directions because I noticed nobody has ever mentioned the location of the shop, save for the address and the fact that its in Pudu, which doesnt help for non KLites like me. So the next time you google "Tong Kee location", I hope you can get through this page and make your way to this place.

In all the hype, the tarts here have better be GOOD. Will go there to get the tarts later.

I so love trying new food at new places. And backlane, old time chinese restaurants, which I rarely find in PJ. Um um...=) Pudu and Jalan Imbi are interesting places for food. KL is great in that sense. I think I have to start looking for makan kakis...

I am thankful to God for blessing me with long legs. I may not have beautiful legs like Paris Hilton but at least my legs are long enough to carry me around my construction site! I sometimes am required to walk over makeshift platforms, jump from slab drops and cross over huge gaps between one side of the slab to another.

I am already missing my digital camera. Come baaaack to me! I so wished my camera was with me last night coz there was so much to capture in my little road adventure at Pudu and downtown KL. I hope Joshua keeps it safe and sound coz I am holding his car as ransom (muahahaha!).

Will try to borrow my office chepo camera over the weekend. I personally dont quite like the images but beggers can't be choosers, rite?

Nice meh? I think the colors are not vibrant and the image is not sharp. But can't complaint lah since its a Ben-Q and doesnt come with optical zoom..


Cruel Angel said...

Told ya to get a phone with a good camera like mine k810i... Dont lost a moment cause the moment wont come back.

Anonymous said...

oi...ini nampak macam tipu saje!

kau edit gambo tu ngan photoshop yer?

kau tak bole nak lawan ngan polis tau! polis trafik raja segala galanya!

bayar saman cepat!

'Polis DiRaja Malaysia'