Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Love Rain

Not the Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese singer! (Heck, i dont even know what he is!)

Im talking about the wet weather. Of late, God has been generously pouring down rain from the clouds into our dry land. If you remember a couple of weeks back, the sun was soooooo hot that you literally just dont sweat anymore but feel burnt internally like a chicken in a microvawe oven. But things took a turn some 2 Sundays ago when the rain started. And it hit us hard and mighty. I remember getting trapped in the car because the rain was so heavy tht even if I had an umbrella, I would still be soaking wet. And I could feel the strong wind blowing across my car as I was lying inside, waiting for the rain to subside...

With the rain, came the cool temperature that I always long for. It feels like Genting Highlands at home..Um um.. But the sad thing is I have only a maximum of 6 hours to enjoy the nice warm cuddle with my bolster underneath my little blankie. Perfect night to get cozy, better still if dont have to wake up early, haha.

I hope the rain will continue for the next few months.

Clouds enfolding the KLCC Twin Towers after a heavy downfall the night before..

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Cruel Angel said...

I love RAIN too..
Miss them so much