Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Free Movie Passes

I opened my mailbox today to find a delightful email from Starlight Cinema offering me some freebies. I love freebies!

I chanced upon the website just to see if there are opportunities to hold a corporate movie outing there since this is something different and the peeps at my company might be interested to join in what I would call as "Picnic With The Stars", if it does materialise anyway. I saw the whole freebie giveaway thingy and I thought, why not since I am here? Never thought I would win the passes though...But I did! Haha..

But as I read on, I found this:

Today is 26 July, Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday 27 July and the following day is Saturday 28 July. Meaning to say that if I want to utilise my free double passes I have to do it TODAY before 7.00PM! And they emailed me only yesterday. That's a cheat, man! And tonight's movie isnt my type of movie at all- The Holiday. Sigh.

If anybody wants the free tickets, perhaps you can message me and I'll email to you. But got to do by TODAY.


MJ said...

Sigh. I got the same 1. Did you go in the end?

tina said...

mj: no i didnt. i was raining cats and dogs yesterday.