Monday, July 30, 2007

Scary Possibility

Heard this news on the radio today and thought to myself, hm, scary!

I imagine myself being in the owner's shoes.

Properties in the Klang Valley generally isnt cheap. Lagi in prime areas like Mont Kiara, PJ and Damansara. A decent condominium easily costs a minimum of RM 250K, which means you need a downpayment of at least RM 25,000. Seems small but if you earn an average 2.5K-3.5K a month, that would take years before you could actually afford to dump that sum of cash into your dream apartment without having to eat sand and grass everyday. And then there's the installment, maintenance cost and quit rent to pay. And upon completion of the building (or for second hand properties, the completion of all the procedures), you have to think about furnishing and decorating your new home. That is the most exciting part, despite having to spend another good RM 10K or so. You would be thinking about the theme of your home, what sofa to buy, how to organise the kitchen and stuff... After all that monetary sacrifices and efforts used to make your new apartment a home, you finally could move in and live happily ever after in that new place of zen.

And then, just before you were scheduled to move in, you found a dead body sealed in the refrigerator.

Damn potong stim. Potong until cannot reignite.

I dont believe in ghosts (not spirits, though) but surely I will be mentally affected by the fact that SOMEBODY WAS BRUTALLY MURDERED AND CHOPPED IN MY NEW APARTMENT. I would imagine how it all happened. Could the murderer a black magic practitioner who chopped her housemate to sacrifice to her pagan gods? Could it be the activity of a cult? Was the apartment once a home for the cult group, where they invite pagan spirits and performed their ritual here? Were there more than one bloodshed in the apartment? Eee...

Or maybe, things were less complicated. An angry-turned-pshychotic wife couldnt bear with her husband being unfaithful or abusive to her decided to take justice into her own hand by murdering the husband. And to avoid punishment, she chopped him up and left the body to decompose in the fridge, hoping the body will be kept frozen and undetected for a long time. But she forgot that there will NOT be any electricity supply during the period of vacancy so...naturally the scent of the dead will emerge. Hm.

Or maybe, the victim was murdered by his mentally challenged son. Oh, maybe, he was murdered by some rough labourers who wanted to rob him. I am not bias to foreign labourers, but being in the industry which heavily depends on them, I know which labourers are harmless, which should be avoided. And the ones to be avoided, I would say, are NOT nice and dangerous.

Whatever the reasons be, a dead man in a new home is not a good moving-in surprise. I bet the owner of the new apartment would have to wait at least a year before he could move in to give clearance for the cops to do their stuff. If this were to happen to me, the first thing in my mind is...Gosh



A little thought about murder. I was thinking and chatting with Petrina about how amusing our bodies can be. You see, if a cat dies, it dies and nobody gives much thought about the body and the stench. But a human body cannot be hidden, no matter how hard the murderer tried. You can burn like in the Canny Ong's case, still the charred remains will be found. You can even blast it into bits like in the Atlantuya's case, still the crime will not go undetected. Heck, you can even try to chop them into pieces and selamba dump like its a normal rubbish like in the Ipoh Parkson Ria case 15 years ago, or even make the extra mile to refrigerate the body like the case above. Have you thought of that before- that the murdered human body CANNOT be disposed undetected at all? Petrina enlightened me of this- that it is written in the Bible, in the very first account of innocent bloodshed. The story of Cain and Abel. Here's an excerp from the Biblegateway. Sorry, poor editing of the image.

The blood of the innocent cries out for justice, to be heard, and to be avenged. There is no escaping to that.

Friday, July 27, 2007

How Can Any Girl Like Tarzan These Days?

I saw Tarzan the cartoon on Disney channel a couple of nights ago. Well, if I were a kid, I would think that Tarzan and Jane will live happily ever after and Jane could find no better match than the heroic macho beefcake Tarzan. But now that I am way past the days of immaturity and have started making sense in everything I see, I thought that the whole Tarzan-Jane thingy is nonsensical.

I mean, can you see that Tarzan:
1) is uneducated therefore he cannot live elsewhere other than his jungle
2) will never become rich in his entire life even if he makes it into the city. Unless he is willing work for the circus and runs his show free from any blood-sucking agents.
3) lives with a bunch of flea-infested apes family
4) eats fruits ONLY with no variety of preparation.
5) became the chief of the apes, which means he has the heavy responsibility of taking care of his tribe

Imagine how would Jane feel in a few years time when all the heat of romance dies. No woman can live in this condition for long! Especially sophisticated girls like Jane. No shopping. No movies. No gourmet food. Cant go back to civilisation to visit your family and friends. No soap to bathe. Bathe in river water. Subject yourself to threats of other venomous or carnivorous animals. No modern medication. To travel you have to either walk, swing from tree to tree, or hitch a ride from the elephants. Absolutely no form of entertainment. Not to mention your living environment- when its hot and humid you dont have a fan or air-cond to cool yourself, when it rains outside, you only have the trees as shelter....The list can go on and on and on and on and.......

But the worst of all these is... She has to become the Tuanku Permaisuri of the Government of Apes. What a title.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Free Movie Passes

I opened my mailbox today to find a delightful email from Starlight Cinema offering me some freebies. I love freebies!

I chanced upon the website just to see if there are opportunities to hold a corporate movie outing there since this is something different and the peeps at my company might be interested to join in what I would call as "Picnic With The Stars", if it does materialise anyway. I saw the whole freebie giveaway thingy and I thought, why not since I am here? Never thought I would win the passes though...But I did! Haha..

But as I read on, I found this:

Today is 26 July, Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday 27 July and the following day is Saturday 28 July. Meaning to say that if I want to utilise my free double passes I have to do it TODAY before 7.00PM! And they emailed me only yesterday. That's a cheat, man! And tonight's movie isnt my type of movie at all- The Holiday. Sigh.

If anybody wants the free tickets, perhaps you can message me and I'll email to you. But got to do by TODAY.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Love Rain

Not the Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese singer! (Heck, i dont even know what he is!)

Im talking about the wet weather. Of late, God has been generously pouring down rain from the clouds into our dry land. If you remember a couple of weeks back, the sun was soooooo hot that you literally just dont sweat anymore but feel burnt internally like a chicken in a microvawe oven. But things took a turn some 2 Sundays ago when the rain started. And it hit us hard and mighty. I remember getting trapped in the car because the rain was so heavy tht even if I had an umbrella, I would still be soaking wet. And I could feel the strong wind blowing across my car as I was lying inside, waiting for the rain to subside...

With the rain, came the cool temperature that I always long for. It feels like Genting Highlands at home..Um um.. But the sad thing is I have only a maximum of 6 hours to enjoy the nice warm cuddle with my bolster underneath my little blankie. Perfect night to get cozy, better still if dont have to wake up early, haha.

I hope the rain will continue for the next few months.

Clouds enfolding the KLCC Twin Towers after a heavy downfall the night before..

Monday, July 23, 2007

So Much To Write

But was totally killed off when I see the pictures that was taken by my company's el-chepo Ben Q digital camera with absolutely NO anti hand shake, NO optical zoom, and NO night features. The results- damn shaky pics without flash, and very noisy and pixelized image with flash. It's really bad, so sorry guys, I cant put it up here for your viewing. I hope Jean's camera would produce better results.

Damn you BenQ if dont know how to make camera dont sell la, now pics tak jadi so how? Stupid. Cheap is no excuse ok coz Nikon also can sell the good L4 for a price below RM500, what cant you? Just stop selling ok? I blame BenQ and also my project for buying such cheap camera. Sigh.

Anyway, since I tak ada mood to write about my very interesting weekend and 2 nights of party (NOT the club party, but home party), I shall write about...nothing. Just some ramblings. Oh ya, the search for Tong Kee Confectionary did not bear any positive fruit- the shop was closed on the day that I needed to buy those famous egg tarts! Ish. Sia-sia only I write so much about that place only to find that its closed- on a Saturday evening! I ended up getting my tarts from Berry's, which is kinda boring. Should've done more research before I venture out.

Will write more when I have the time and when I have cooled off my anger. Still quite pissed with the BenQ.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Little Bit Of Salt Adds Taste To Life...

Nothing soothes the tired legs and stressful mind when caught in a Friday night traffic jam at Puduraya more than some good music in the car to accompany you all the way home. I highly recommend Mix FM's Retro R&B on Friday nights. Especially if you are driving in the heart of the city coz it just jives so well to the city beat.

My particular favourite for the night was "December 1963" by Four Seasons. Excellent tune with a brilliant mix.


Ah, if you remember yesterday's entry about the search for the best egg tarts, I'm one step closer to success- I finally located the very much acclaimed egg tart shop- Tong Kee. It's pretty easy to get there, just get to the Pudu prison junction, turn into Jalan Pudu, keep to the left and look for the signboard that says 'Jalan Brunei'. The main Jalan Brunei is just after the caltex station and from there on, drive pass the big mamak and turn right. It's very near Plaza Pudu.

I'm telling you the directions because I noticed nobody has ever mentioned the location of the shop, save for the address and the fact that its in Pudu, which doesnt help for non KLites like me. So the next time you google "Tong Kee location", I hope you can get through this page and make your way to this place.

In all the hype, the tarts here have better be GOOD. Will go there to get the tarts later.

I so love trying new food at new places. And backlane, old time chinese restaurants, which I rarely find in PJ. Um um...=) Pudu and Jalan Imbi are interesting places for food. KL is great in that sense. I think I have to start looking for makan kakis...

I am thankful to God for blessing me with long legs. I may not have beautiful legs like Paris Hilton but at least my legs are long enough to carry me around my construction site! I sometimes am required to walk over makeshift platforms, jump from slab drops and cross over huge gaps between one side of the slab to another.

I am already missing my digital camera. Come baaaack to me! I so wished my camera was with me last night coz there was so much to capture in my little road adventure at Pudu and downtown KL. I hope Joshua keeps it safe and sound coz I am holding his car as ransom (muahahaha!).

Will try to borrow my office chepo camera over the weekend. I personally dont quite like the images but beggers can't be choosers, rite?

Nice meh? I think the colors are not vibrant and the image is not sharp. But can't complaint lah since its a Ben-Q and doesnt come with optical zoom..

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Search For The Best Egg Tarts

I am doing a huntdown for the best egg tarts in KL. Why egg tarts? Well, first of all, egg tarts are adorably cute and they are well enjoyed by almost everyone in Malaysia. Tell me, who doesnt like egg tarts? And secondly, I thought egg tarts make easy finger food for Pheng's a friend's bridal shower this weekend.

Since most of the guests for the evening would most probably bring in their fantastic signature dishes and I could only tapau some food due to work (I work till 5 smthg every Saturday), I might as well search for THE BEST EGG TARTS IN TOWN. Gloria gave a good start by telling me the existance of a famous egg-tartler in Jalan Imbi. Well, I searched the net and was led to another place called Tong Kee confectionary at Pudu.

Picture taken from PabloPabla's blog. I dont know who she is but heck, she has one of the best pics for Tong Kee's egg tarts!

Apparently, this place has been operating for as long as anyone could remember and is still serving the best egg tarts in the whole of KL. Kononnya the baker adds lard to his dough to produce the well-loved crispy pastry for the tart. I have yet to verify that but I think this is a pretty safe bet if I were to bring egg tarts for the occassion tomorrow. But before I clap my hands in glee and close my case for The-Best-Egg-Tarts-In-KL search, it is only fair for me to look for other contenders.

Before I knew about this bakery, I was thinking of getting the tarts from a pretty nice bakey called Papparoti at Ampang Park. I was first introduced to these tarts by a colleague who treated everyone in the office egg tarts for tea. The pastry is also crispy, almost like crossaint, and the custard- juuuust nice, not too sweat and wont make you jelak. Plus, its relatively cheaper than that of Tong Kee's, which means I can buy MORE. Can even buy some for my sister and myself. She extremely lurrrrves egg tarts! The tarts are so light that they can be eaten as appetisers or dessert after a heavy meal!

So the dilemma now is, Tong Kee or Papparoti? Price or quality? If I weigh the pros between the two, I sould say that Papparoti has the upper hand coz it's near my office and its way cheaper than Tong Kee. But in the sense of quality in the taste, I would still consider Tong Kee the safest bet. How ah? Hmm. I have one night to think.

Monday, July 16, 2007


I sprained my neck in a vain attempt to staple so many papers at one time- while sitting and not standing as I ought to be when handling large quantities of papers.

I so regret this.

Rotting at Home? A Little.

Last Saturday was fantastic- I stayed in. Ya, didnt go anywhere except to Tesco to get some stuff for dinner. I really, really needed that time alone at home just to unwind and chill. And to cook too. I love cooking but never seem to find the time to really get into the kitchen and do all the frying and stuff. This time I not only managed to cook a decent dinner but also some dessert! Haha. I feel so accomplished!

But you know things can get a little boring when the night gets later and the TV stations expect less viewers on a Saturday night. I found myself watching a lame malay movie on TV3! haha. But all in all, the night alone was pretty cool. At least I enjoyed it.

Maybe you guys should try it too. =)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Super Heroes and Patriotism

I realised something about superheroes. They are very much similar to one another.

Can you spot the similarity in the pictures below?

L-R: Optimus Prime (Transformers), Superman (Superman), and Spiderman (Spiderman)

Can you see the similarity?

Yes, their theme colors are Red and Blue! Why those colors? I suspect its because of this:

The American flag is predominatly Red and Blue. You see, American heroes bear the American flag in their bodies to show their patriotism. It could be deliberate, it could be coincidence and could be inspirational. Probably the comic/cartoon guys just couldnt think of any color to suit their superheroes so they conviniently used the color of the American flag.

Don't quote me, its just my speculation. Red and blue are indeed a catchy combination.

But for this superhero from the East, I would believe it has somthing to do with patriotism.

Ultraman and all his kind ie Taro and the rest which I dont remember their names by now.

Theme colors are Red and White. Just like the Japanese Flag.

Jap hero who comes to save the day.

In Malaysia, we have our own superheroes too. Remember Keluang Man? Haha... tapi tak ada gambar la for that fella.

Since no pic of him, let's look at our latest superhero- Cicak Man! (literal translation- Lizard Man).

There is nothing patriotic about Cicak Man. And he doesnt look anything gecko-ish. Not even close. How la? Color combination also doesnt reflect our Jalur Gemilang.

Cicak Man should wear Red, Blue AND Yellow.

** All pictures courtesy of The World Wide Web.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Transformers- Go Watch It. Now.

If you don't, you'll regret. No kidding. The movie was THAT good.

I grew up watching Transformers, the cartoon. I bet you a million bucks that at least 98% of people from my generation (ie kids of the eighties) would definitely remember bits and pieces of the cartoon because it was such a hit in those days when technology was still confined to 2D animation and Astro was nothing we had in mind. I remember robots. Optimus Prime. Um um. The sexiest robot (haha!). Megatron. And the rest which I somehow dont quite remember anymore until recently. And yes, the Japanese version (which I think was quite a sucky copycat, pardon me, no malice to Japs out there) and the original American version.

I enjoyed the elaborate tranformation scenes. The robots look so real, just like the vehicles that they tranform into.

Especially Optimus Prime. The great Optimus Prime who would leave both man and woman drooling for more and shamelessly cry if he dies. Wow, cant imagine how an imagery charactor like him could actually impact so many kids way into their adulthood.

Bumble Bee was not bad too. It was particularly overwhelming to see the bond between he and his human 'owner'.

As for the Decepticons, I like Barricade the most. He did an excellent tranformation in the car chase scene whr he transformed from robot into police car and literally flew on the road. Great car chase scenes in the movie, by the way.

Im not going to spoil your anticipation of the movie, if you havent watch it. Just one word to say- SUPERB. If you dont have time to watch the movie, just take half day leave and watch it on the silver screen. If you are too stingy to pay RM 11 for a movie, save on ur meals and GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. If you dont like watching alone, let go off your ego and GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. If you have kids at home and can't bring them to the cinemas, call you mother-in-law to take care of the kids and GO WATCH THIS MOVIE! hehe......

As for me I am going to watch it again and again and I am already gearing up for my second trip to the cinema!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

E-Mail Down

I feel so disconnected from the rest of the world without the email. Especially in times like this when emailing is the best way to communicate between the sports club Family Day committee.

Oh yah, I'm in the organising committee for the upcoming Family Day. Not going to leak anything here but it's gonna be in a theme park again. Hopefully will be fun for all.