Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Today Is Bak Chang Day

Disclaimer: The article may contain traces of un-halal-ness. May cause discomfort to some so readers' discretion is required.

One thing I like being a Chinese is we celebrate the existence of our food. Like, for mooncakes, we have the Mooncake Festival, for those little glutinous rice flour balls (tong yuen), we have the Tong Yuen Festival and for dumplings (the glutinous rice ones) we have the Chang Festival. And today is the Chang Festival. Nothing religious in it really, just cultural. A lousy historian myself, I shall not attempt to explain much about the background of the festival so here it is from Wikipedia.

Anyway, living away from home, I am so deprived of dumplings. Mum called and told me that there are plenty of dumplings at home (but no mention about manpower to finish them!) while on my side, I don't have any. Nil. Come to think about it, there really aren't many bak chang stalls around, are there? But being a food person, I will not yield in my quest for bak changs, however lousy it may be.
I ended up buying the ones from Tesco's non-halal section.

The traditional bak chang...

From Tesco....Haha!

Sounds a bit sad huh, having to buy a traditional food in a Mat Salleh hypermarket. Sigh.

But never mind, at least I still got something =) And the bak chang didnt taste bad, really. Only thing was, it was cold. Sigh. Due to its highly unhalal-fied content, no picture of the inside of the dumpling is attached here. But I can only say that, it contained lots of lard. Until I feel a bit geli, haha...and no matter what, nothing came close to the dumplings I found in my hometown. Love square ones sold by this aunty near Fajar supermart. Um um.....And oh, the littleyellow dumplings meant to be eaten with kaya! Lagi difficult to find here in KL!

Maybe I should learn to make them on my own. This is not an old lady's work, hey, traditions must go on! Will try next year. Maybe. Ha. Guinea pigs prepare!

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