Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Therapeutic Properties of U2

I never liked U2 until I came to university. Dont know why but my taste for music seem to gravitate towards rock like U2's. These days, I listern to U2 when I am depressed, sad or feeling down. I will blast the CD player as I drive back from work. I guess I need something louder than my heart's cry and negative thoughts to unleash all the bottled up anger and frustration in me. And as the music is being played loudly, I will cry to God and shout out all the anger or sadness in my heart. By the time I reach home, which usually takes about half an hour through the jam and all, I will be OK. Not perfectly fine like nothing had happened, but relatively better.


Anonymous said...

i want my cd back!! i want to scream in my car also...


tina said...

oi, just click 'others' la when u comment! then ur name can appear in the comment! so doodoo ;p

anyway, the CD is MINE now! MUAHAHAH!