Monday, June 04, 2007

Tarbush @ Jalan Bukit Bintang

A quick browse through my desktop brought back some blog worthy pictures to my mind. Well, at least I have something to write about NOW.

One of my recent makan-makan escapade took me to a nice place somewhere downtown KL. This time around, instead of having the normal western cuisine, I had Mediterrenean Food instead.

A little disclaimer here- I've never tried anything from the Middle East before, save for some Roti Arab which tasted like halal-fied Hum Chin Peng and... fresh dates from Abu Dhabi. So I know nothing much about Middle Eastern food and what I am about to write about may not be up to the expectations of locals over there. But to me, the food was GOOD.

The little restaurant that I went to was Tarbush at Jalan Bukit Bintang. Walking down BB Road always gives me that inexplicable dreamy feel. I dont know why but yah, that's how I feel. It's inexplicable like I said before. Maybe it's the lighting. Or the traffic. And tarbush does make me feel like I've been transported into a land where genies live in oil lamps, carpets fly and snake dance to the tune of the flute. Kinda like in Aladdin. Or Arabian Nights.

Before the food, there was the ambience. The walls were beautifully decorated with artificial stone finish with Middle Eastern motives. The best two seats have sofas and overlook the busy but beautifully lit Jalan BB.

I got one of the tables! Yah! And didnt need to sweat or salivate for that!

The tables were made of marble and stained glass. The heavy type ya. With a lamp and a pot of dried flowers on it. I dont remember when and where I last saw such a lamp. British India homes? Maybe.

If you think the decor is not bad, wait till you see the food. Honestly, this visit to Tarbush was almost 2 months ago, so I can hardly remeber the names of the food! Aargh! I only remember the bread was called Lebanese Bread.

Every meal comes with pre-packed Lebanese bread (unleavened bread). I reckon it's like rice to us for the Lebanese. I started off with the er, starters. I dont remember the name of the dish AT ALL but it tasted something like vadai, except that it comes with a dip. The dip itself is an acquired taste, which my tastebuds somehow just didnt know how to taste it. But it was still good to be adventurous in food =)

I ordered two main courses which consisted of grilled lamb and grilled chicken. If you are a meat-eater like me, you'll like the grills. Well-marinated meat, just nice, not too dry and not too wet. Succulent is the word, yah. And they are served with fresh onions, tomatoes and thin slices of lebanese bread, supposedly to absorb oil or smthg.

Grilled chicken and a whole lot of other meats marinated in a few variety of sauces.

Grilled lamb. Ooh...

Check out how it looks in the inside.

Juices just oozing out......

I will definitely return to this place. Moreover, Astro gave me a discount coupon to dine in at Tarbush so I wont want it to waste, will I? Haha....I returned home with lots of Lebanese bread, of which I ate with some home-made egg curry. Yum Yum!


Anonymous said...

hey...who u go with?? u go alone??
some guy bring u there?


tina said...

josh: hehe.......