Monday, June 18, 2007

Stingy Does Pay Off

I had been needing to buy a pendrive for a looooong time. My current one is infested with worms but I still use it nevertheless because I am just too stingy to even buy a new one. Yes I know pendrives are super cheap these days bt I am just not sacrificial enough to part with my hard-earned RM50 for a new one.

Thank God the computers that I plugged my pendrive in (uni computer lab, home PC, head office desktop and now, my project site desktop) didnt crash.

Anyway, Joshua gave me new pendrive, courtesy of his company. 215MB only but I dont care, it's free, haha! The thing is beautiful, made of metal and synthetic rubber. And it came with a metal box and a black strap. Ah, all the perseverance did pay off finally. After 2 years.

I hope somebody would take pity on me and buy me a sling bag for work, a pair of reliable jeans (not cheap) and all the things I want to buy but too stingy to spend my money on. I've financial commitments u know....


Cruel Angel said...

y0 y0 y0!!!

Since when Cina become so stingy but it is Good to save for the future. Who knows what might happen in the future!


Anonymous said...

Oh my good..stingy gal..kedekut perempuan..kian siap cha boh..hai..
please help her..tis month two months additional..stil not enough..