Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Number

But only for usage during office hours. Yes, for both personal and work. Meaning from 8.00am - 6.00pm, Monday-Saturday, except public holidays or when I am on leave.

Reasons for choosing Celcom:

1) Only 013 and 019 have coverage in my basement office. And strong coverage too! My current service provider make me feel so disconnected from the entire world. I know its not gonna get any better as the project progresses so I just have to do smthg about all this connection problem.

2) It's bloody cheap, haha.. RM10 only for starter pack.

I will still keep my current number because I like the number (which coincidently rhymes with my IC number) and most of my friends use the same network. And will use it after work, during holidays and Sundays.

Here's a summary:
Mon-Saturday 8.00am-6.00pm : call my Celcom line
Mon-Saturday: 6.01pm-7.59am : call my Maxis number
Sundays and Public Holidays (1st & 3rd Saturday NOT included) : call my Maxis

I will inform my friends of my new number in due time.

And for the benefit of those who are dying to buy my new number in Toto or Magnum or Damacai (I dont encourage gambling btw), I've deliberately left the last four numbers visible in the picture. If kena, you must buy me a new 3G handphone, preferable from Sony Ericsson ;p

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