Thursday, June 28, 2007

For Golf!

Again, the Kelab Sukan has taken me to another place and another new experience. This time around, I get to go to a golf club. The place of the rich and (may not be) famous, and where you'll see more old men than youngsters.

Golf is quite a sedentary game in comparison to other sports. It requires a lot of brainpower (ie concentration, thinking and strategizing) and therefore, almost absolute SILENCE. You dont want to be blamed if the shot is below par.

Dont know why I somehow associate the golf club with mafias. Perhaps I've seen too many ganster flicks where the godfather would hit (or kill) his henchmen/traitors with the golf club by hitting him incessantly. Brutal. Let's not get into that, ya?

Golf can be a peaceful game. You dont hear a screaming crowd. You dont get to see men/women baring anything in their over-enthusiastic-ness in supporting a player. Neither would there be throwing of things and mobs unlike some other games. Good for unwinding. And eyesight (not talking about the players- they all are either old or fat or both) but because of the greens.

I've learnt a few things about golf. New vocabs too like Eagle, Birdie, Par...whatever not. But I forgot. Sigh. I learnt that when a player is taking his shot, you cannot make a single noise, cannot take their picture, and cannot drive your buggy. Meaning no movement and no sound.

Since golf is a game for the luxury, the food there has to be up to the mark too. Check out the kitchen that serves fresh breakfast.

It's just like a garden kitchen in MTV Cribs. I want one too!

Manuel was very generous to treat us to some Coconut Float, which turned out fantabulous.

Whoa! Just one word- fantabulous! Worth all the sunburn I got from the field.

Oh ya, another first for me. I drove the buggy! Honestly, I think the buggy is one of the best thing ever invented in this world. It runs on electricity, therefore is not subjected to the price of fuel. No fuel meaning no need to worry so much about having to waste fuel and burn the wallet on long journeys. And surprisingly, it is quite powerful too.

Only thing is, it would be better if it comes with air-con, a radio and signals. Dangerous la, no signal for turning, if collide with other buggies how? Who's to blame? Can I blame the other driver for turning without putting on his signal?

Overall, the whole golf experience was fun and I enjoyed the day a lot. Not so much because I could skip work and enjoy myself in the open field but also because it was a new experience for me. But the day was also not a very happy day for all coz it was Chua's last day with the company. And with the sports club.

Chua, you will always be remembered as the capable photographer, the canggih-manggih hi-tech guy who updates the portal with colourful posters, the breakdancer and a good and sincere friend. And also a good Christian brother who has the patience of an angel and the heart of a saint. God bless you, bro.

In case you're wondering who is Chua, he's the guy in the grey cap.

I came home at 4.00pm with some leftover freebies. Leftovers also never mind, as long as it is FREE. Haha!

There's a short sleeved rain-jacket, a towel with hook (interesting), a bag (duh!), some golf balls and.....

Sunblock! Yaey! Need it for my site work but was too stingy to buy coz its so freaking expensive I'd rather tan myself with the sun.

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