Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Entertainment Take

Have not written anything about my take on music, movies and everything that falls under the entertainment category. Let's start with music.

Sucky music. Hate everything from Rihanna, particularly the Umbrella song. Wat the ...? I dont even like her voice to begin with and her songs are either depressing or nonsensical. Umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh?? Sounds so spastic! She's more like parading her body than her vocals!

Tweety's old granny owner should beat her with the umbrella. Hope she will wake up from her slumber of sucky music and follow the footsteps of Nelly Furtado or something.

On the more positive side, I like Christina Aguilera's (however the spelling) 'Candy Man'. Sweet like a chocolate sugar coated candy song. Have you seen the video? Nothing special but suits the song very well. And her vocals are just powerful.

Been listening a lot to slow songs lately. Like Sade and Micheal Buble. Am listening to 'corazon espinado' by Mana ft Santana right now, as I am typing this.

It's been close to a month since Pirates was released but I havent watch it. Darn! I've watched Shrek which wasnt anything to shout about, and Ocean's 13 which was just OK for me. Yet to watch Fantastic Four but its OK coz the movie is still new after all.

Suddenly I feel like watching Casino Royale again. It must be because of the tower cranes at my project site which somehow reminds me of the scene where Daniel Craig jumped from crane to crane in pursuit of the villain.

TV. I've not been watching the TV for a long time. My average time spent in front of the TV is about 5 hours a week. Yes, PER WEEK! And I spend like a freaking RM48 per month on Astro which I hardly even watch except when I stay in on weekends or when I come home early from work. The most wasteful thing about the whole Astro thing is, I have all that chinese channels but I dont even touch the 3x buttons! Feel like terminating it but for the sake of mum, I'll just keep it lah.

I dont follow any series at all. Not even Heroes. Nor Desparate Housewives, if the series is still an in thing. Nothing. I dont even follow the recent American Idol. I only watch documentaries and maybe some sitcoms. No movie channel but if I do have it I would watch movies too.

My favourite TV progs would be Top Gear, Air Crash Investigation and Passport to Europe. Ho Chak used to be pretty enjoyable, it still is, just that it has gone a little Taiwan Ah Lian these days. The special effects I mean, not the hosts. And another programme too: 999. But I hardly watch it anymore. Dont even know if it's still on air.

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