Thursday, June 28, 2007

For Golf!

Again, the Kelab Sukan has taken me to another place and another new experience. This time around, I get to go to a golf club. The place of the rich and (may not be) famous, and where you'll see more old men than youngsters.

Golf is quite a sedentary game in comparison to other sports. It requires a lot of brainpower (ie concentration, thinking and strategizing) and therefore, almost absolute SILENCE. You dont want to be blamed if the shot is below par.

Dont know why I somehow associate the golf club with mafias. Perhaps I've seen too many ganster flicks where the godfather would hit (or kill) his henchmen/traitors with the golf club by hitting him incessantly. Brutal. Let's not get into that, ya?

Golf can be a peaceful game. You dont hear a screaming crowd. You dont get to see men/women baring anything in their over-enthusiastic-ness in supporting a player. Neither would there be throwing of things and mobs unlike some other games. Good for unwinding. And eyesight (not talking about the players- they all are either old or fat or both) but because of the greens.

I've learnt a few things about golf. New vocabs too like Eagle, Birdie, Par...whatever not. But I forgot. Sigh. I learnt that when a player is taking his shot, you cannot make a single noise, cannot take their picture, and cannot drive your buggy. Meaning no movement and no sound.

Since golf is a game for the luxury, the food there has to be up to the mark too. Check out the kitchen that serves fresh breakfast.

It's just like a garden kitchen in MTV Cribs. I want one too!

Manuel was very generous to treat us to some Coconut Float, which turned out fantabulous.

Whoa! Just one word- fantabulous! Worth all the sunburn I got from the field.

Oh ya, another first for me. I drove the buggy! Honestly, I think the buggy is one of the best thing ever invented in this world. It runs on electricity, therefore is not subjected to the price of fuel. No fuel meaning no need to worry so much about having to waste fuel and burn the wallet on long journeys. And surprisingly, it is quite powerful too.

Only thing is, it would be better if it comes with air-con, a radio and signals. Dangerous la, no signal for turning, if collide with other buggies how? Who's to blame? Can I blame the other driver for turning without putting on his signal?

Overall, the whole golf experience was fun and I enjoyed the day a lot. Not so much because I could skip work and enjoy myself in the open field but also because it was a new experience for me. But the day was also not a very happy day for all coz it was Chua's last day with the company. And with the sports club.

Chua, you will always be remembered as the capable photographer, the canggih-manggih hi-tech guy who updates the portal with colourful posters, the breakdancer and a good and sincere friend. And also a good Christian brother who has the patience of an angel and the heart of a saint. God bless you, bro.

In case you're wondering who is Chua, he's the guy in the grey cap.

I came home at 4.00pm with some leftover freebies. Leftovers also never mind, as long as it is FREE. Haha!

There's a short sleeved rain-jacket, a towel with hook (interesting), a bag (duh!), some golf balls and.....

Sunblock! Yaey! Need it for my site work but was too stingy to buy coz its so freaking expensive I'd rather tan myself with the sun.

Finally, Some Quality Time To Blog

Aaaahhhh.....Some time to breeeeaaaatheee... Been very very extremenly busy lately. The rest time is short but better than none, right?

Will write about the happenings and some thoughts in the coming entries. For this one, I'm gonna talk about...nothing! Coz this entry is just a little exhalation of relieve that all the rubbish is over. For the month. Drama starts again next week. Need to take a break lah. Go holiday or something. =)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Early Morning

Took an early train today just to reach office a little earlier than usual to finish up some pending work. Been away from the office for 2 days for some company events.


I was tired. And sleepy. The only thing I asked for is a quiet time in the LRT for me to take a short, 30 min nap during those unproductive hours of travelling to work in the morning.

But today, somebody robbed that from me.


Please lah, dont talk so loudly can or not??? She was standing in front of me and I was awaken by her loud spoken cantonese. Damn taiwan future ah soh college Ah Lian. I was on the verge of giving her a stern warning NOT to speak so loudly in public because all we working peeps want is peace of mind before we start work.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Leave Me Alone

... you bloody sub-contractor! Your progress is slow, how can I pay you so much? If you keep calling me, how can I do up your claim???

Complain all you want but I ain't gonna budge. What I certified I have certified. Beg all you want but this is all you deserved to be paid. I am trying my best to jack up your payment, which is NOT easy considering your progress is so unsatisfactory.

Incur my wrath and you will suffer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Entertainment Take

Have not written anything about my take on music, movies and everything that falls under the entertainment category. Let's start with music.

Sucky music. Hate everything from Rihanna, particularly the Umbrella song. Wat the ...? I dont even like her voice to begin with and her songs are either depressing or nonsensical. Umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh?? Sounds so spastic! She's more like parading her body than her vocals!

Tweety's old granny owner should beat her with the umbrella. Hope she will wake up from her slumber of sucky music and follow the footsteps of Nelly Furtado or something.

On the more positive side, I like Christina Aguilera's (however the spelling) 'Candy Man'. Sweet like a chocolate sugar coated candy song. Have you seen the video? Nothing special but suits the song very well. And her vocals are just powerful.

Been listening a lot to slow songs lately. Like Sade and Micheal Buble. Am listening to 'corazon espinado' by Mana ft Santana right now, as I am typing this.

It's been close to a month since Pirates was released but I havent watch it. Darn! I've watched Shrek which wasnt anything to shout about, and Ocean's 13 which was just OK for me. Yet to watch Fantastic Four but its OK coz the movie is still new after all.

Suddenly I feel like watching Casino Royale again. It must be because of the tower cranes at my project site which somehow reminds me of the scene where Daniel Craig jumped from crane to crane in pursuit of the villain.

TV. I've not been watching the TV for a long time. My average time spent in front of the TV is about 5 hours a week. Yes, PER WEEK! And I spend like a freaking RM48 per month on Astro which I hardly even watch except when I stay in on weekends or when I come home early from work. The most wasteful thing about the whole Astro thing is, I have all that chinese channels but I dont even touch the 3x buttons! Feel like terminating it but for the sake of mum, I'll just keep it lah.

I dont follow any series at all. Not even Heroes. Nor Desparate Housewives, if the series is still an in thing. Nothing. I dont even follow the recent American Idol. I only watch documentaries and maybe some sitcoms. No movie channel but if I do have it I would watch movies too.

My favourite TV progs would be Top Gear, Air Crash Investigation and Passport to Europe. Ho Chak used to be pretty enjoyable, it still is, just that it has gone a little Taiwan Ah Lian these days. The special effects I mean, not the hosts. And another programme too: 999. But I hardly watch it anymore. Dont even know if it's still on air.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Today Is Bak Chang Day

Disclaimer: The article may contain traces of un-halal-ness. May cause discomfort to some so readers' discretion is required.

One thing I like being a Chinese is we celebrate the existence of our food. Like, for mooncakes, we have the Mooncake Festival, for those little glutinous rice flour balls (tong yuen), we have the Tong Yuen Festival and for dumplings (the glutinous rice ones) we have the Chang Festival. And today is the Chang Festival. Nothing religious in it really, just cultural. A lousy historian myself, I shall not attempt to explain much about the background of the festival so here it is from Wikipedia.

Anyway, living away from home, I am so deprived of dumplings. Mum called and told me that there are plenty of dumplings at home (but no mention about manpower to finish them!) while on my side, I don't have any. Nil. Come to think about it, there really aren't many bak chang stalls around, are there? But being a food person, I will not yield in my quest for bak changs, however lousy it may be.
I ended up buying the ones from Tesco's non-halal section.

The traditional bak chang...

From Tesco....Haha!

Sounds a bit sad huh, having to buy a traditional food in a Mat Salleh hypermarket. Sigh.

But never mind, at least I still got something =) And the bak chang didnt taste bad, really. Only thing was, it was cold. Sigh. Due to its highly unhalal-fied content, no picture of the inside of the dumpling is attached here. But I can only say that, it contained lots of lard. Until I feel a bit geli, haha...and no matter what, nothing came close to the dumplings I found in my hometown. Love square ones sold by this aunty near Fajar supermart. Um um.....And oh, the littleyellow dumplings meant to be eaten with kaya! Lagi difficult to find here in KL!

Maybe I should learn to make them on my own. This is not an old lady's work, hey, traditions must go on! Will try next year. Maybe. Ha. Guinea pigs prepare!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Stingy Does Pay Off

I had been needing to buy a pendrive for a looooong time. My current one is infested with worms but I still use it nevertheless because I am just too stingy to even buy a new one. Yes I know pendrives are super cheap these days bt I am just not sacrificial enough to part with my hard-earned RM50 for a new one.

Thank God the computers that I plugged my pendrive in (uni computer lab, home PC, head office desktop and now, my project site desktop) didnt crash.

Anyway, Joshua gave me new pendrive, courtesy of his company. 215MB only but I dont care, it's free, haha! The thing is beautiful, made of metal and synthetic rubber. And it came with a metal box and a black strap. Ah, all the perseverance did pay off finally. After 2 years.

I hope somebody would take pity on me and buy me a sling bag for work, a pair of reliable jeans (not cheap) and all the things I want to buy but too stingy to spend my money on. I've financial commitments u know....

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Fan Burnt

I knew it was coming. The ceiling fan had been omitting some creaky noise for the past 4 days or so. It was irritating alright, sometimes so loud that I have to close my ears with my bolster just to get a better night sleep.

But last night, it was all over. The sound and the wind. Darn. I woke up to the heat of midnight at 1.00am and had to evacuate the room to sleep in the hall because the fan wasn't working despite multiple attempts to revive my only source of cool air.

I hope to get in contact with someone who could fix the fan. Till then, I will have to sleep in the hall...

When Will I See Light

In the midst of the darkness, surrounded by air of gloom, will I see light? When will I feel the warmth of the sun again?

Groping in the dark, not knowing if the road in front leads to anywhere, I walk and walk and continued to walk. Struggling to find the way, to survive. Will I be able to perservere till the end? What awaits me there? Will there be a crown that greets me, or just haystack with....nothing. Will all this end in vain? I have been disappointed many times. I dont know how much longer could I take in any more frustrations.

Only God can make the difference. The walk is taking its toll on me- I am crawling now, desparate to find a way out of all this circumstances. God must do something.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tissue Ball and Earings...

If you ever forget to remove the piece of tissue and a pair of dangling earrings in your pocket before dumping your pants straight into the washing machine, this is what you'll get:

A ball of tissue with earrings stuck in it!

Much like chipsmore, chocolate chips in the cookie. If you want the chips, you gotta break the cookie ;p

New Number

But only for usage during office hours. Yes, for both personal and work. Meaning from 8.00am - 6.00pm, Monday-Saturday, except public holidays or when I am on leave.

Reasons for choosing Celcom:

1) Only 013 and 019 have coverage in my basement office. And strong coverage too! My current service provider make me feel so disconnected from the entire world. I know its not gonna get any better as the project progresses so I just have to do smthg about all this connection problem.

2) It's bloody cheap, haha.. RM10 only for starter pack.

I will still keep my current number because I like the number (which coincidently rhymes with my IC number) and most of my friends use the same network. And will use it after work, during holidays and Sundays.

Here's a summary:
Mon-Saturday 8.00am-6.00pm : call my Celcom line
Mon-Saturday: 6.01pm-7.59am : call my Maxis number
Sundays and Public Holidays (1st & 3rd Saturday NOT included) : call my Maxis

I will inform my friends of my new number in due time.

And for the benefit of those who are dying to buy my new number in Toto or Magnum or Damacai (I dont encourage gambling btw), I've deliberately left the last four numbers visible in the picture. If kena, you must buy me a new 3G handphone, preferable from Sony Ericsson ;p

Weddings, Weddings and More Weddings

Our beloved Prime Minister Dato Abdullah Ahmad badawi is getting married again this Saturday.

I think this is the season for weddings. Personally I have no comment on his upcoming wedding but I've heard mix reviews on his decision to re-marry after slightly over a year and a half after his wife passed. Some are not happy with him while some have positive opinions. Whatever it is, he's getting married again and its a fact that we all have to live in. Only opinion from me is, he should declare this Saturday as a public holiday lah, for us poor project site staff who have to work full day on Saturdays...sigh.

This is not the first grand wedding of the year. Our (applicable for Perak-ians only) raja Muda (crown prince) finally tied the knot with a beautiful and successful lady a few weeks back.

[Picture by Bernama taken from a website]

Of course everyone was happy with the wedding. Raja Nazrin Shah was Perak's most eligible bachelor- he's smart, handsome and first in line to the throne. But a compatible match could not be found so he was single all this while. Until dont-know-when lah he met his bride Tuanku Zara. She's just completes him. =)

Ok, back to somewhere near my backyard. Some of my friends are getting married or are married by now. Last weekend, Sam Tan and Vic were hitched to one another (duh!) in a beautiful church ceremony and dinner in Puchong.

Hwee Pheng will be married next month and Emmy in November. Besides them I know a lot of other couples who are getting married too (and planning to get married) but I dont feel it that much because I am not close to them. So no comments on that lah, yah! But the point I'm trying to make here is.... a lot of couples ARE getting married these days, more than you ever could imagine.


Maybe lah. That's why I am more aware of weddings than in my younger years. Hmm...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Therapeutic Properties of U2

I never liked U2 until I came to university. Dont know why but my taste for music seem to gravitate towards rock like U2's. These days, I listern to U2 when I am depressed, sad or feeling down. I will blast the CD player as I drive back from work. I guess I need something louder than my heart's cry and negative thoughts to unleash all the bottled up anger and frustration in me. And as the music is being played loudly, I will cry to God and shout out all the anger or sadness in my heart. By the time I reach home, which usually takes about half an hour through the jam and all, I will be OK. Not perfectly fine like nothing had happened, but relatively better.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Tarbush @ Jalan Bukit Bintang

A quick browse through my desktop brought back some blog worthy pictures to my mind. Well, at least I have something to write about NOW.

One of my recent makan-makan escapade took me to a nice place somewhere downtown KL. This time around, instead of having the normal western cuisine, I had Mediterrenean Food instead.

A little disclaimer here- I've never tried anything from the Middle East before, save for some Roti Arab which tasted like halal-fied Hum Chin Peng and... fresh dates from Abu Dhabi. So I know nothing much about Middle Eastern food and what I am about to write about may not be up to the expectations of locals over there. But to me, the food was GOOD.

The little restaurant that I went to was Tarbush at Jalan Bukit Bintang. Walking down BB Road always gives me that inexplicable dreamy feel. I dont know why but yah, that's how I feel. It's inexplicable like I said before. Maybe it's the lighting. Or the traffic. And tarbush does make me feel like I've been transported into a land where genies live in oil lamps, carpets fly and snake dance to the tune of the flute. Kinda like in Aladdin. Or Arabian Nights.

Before the food, there was the ambience. The walls were beautifully decorated with artificial stone finish with Middle Eastern motives. The best two seats have sofas and overlook the busy but beautifully lit Jalan BB.

I got one of the tables! Yah! And didnt need to sweat or salivate for that!

The tables were made of marble and stained glass. The heavy type ya. With a lamp and a pot of dried flowers on it. I dont remember when and where I last saw such a lamp. British India homes? Maybe.

If you think the decor is not bad, wait till you see the food. Honestly, this visit to Tarbush was almost 2 months ago, so I can hardly remeber the names of the food! Aargh! I only remember the bread was called Lebanese Bread.

Every meal comes with pre-packed Lebanese bread (unleavened bread). I reckon it's like rice to us for the Lebanese. I started off with the er, starters. I dont remember the name of the dish AT ALL but it tasted something like vadai, except that it comes with a dip. The dip itself is an acquired taste, which my tastebuds somehow just didnt know how to taste it. But it was still good to be adventurous in food =)

I ordered two main courses which consisted of grilled lamb and grilled chicken. If you are a meat-eater like me, you'll like the grills. Well-marinated meat, just nice, not too dry and not too wet. Succulent is the word, yah. And they are served with fresh onions, tomatoes and thin slices of lebanese bread, supposedly to absorb oil or smthg.

Grilled chicken and a whole lot of other meats marinated in a few variety of sauces.

Grilled lamb. Ooh...

Check out how it looks in the inside.

Juices just oozing out......

I will definitely return to this place. Moreover, Astro gave me a discount coupon to dine in at Tarbush so I wont want it to waste, will I? Haha....I returned home with lots of Lebanese bread, of which I ate with some home-made egg curry. Yum Yum!

The Storm Is Over

I brew a storm last week when I mass-emailed to everyone in the company to explain why the sports club is charging RM 5 per ticket for its latest movie outing. (The tickets used to be free) Thank God Dato KT replied to the mail and shot every opponent before the whole thing got heated beyond control.

I think, if I continue to stir storms like this, my name will be tarnished at the end of my stinct with the company. Sigh. Life's like that when you are organising something that involves a million thousand people with gazillion wants and needs.

Friday, June 01, 2007


I'm feeling rather uninspired lately. So much to write about but nothing seems to pour out from my mind. Maybe its because I am exceptionally busy this week, having to organise a movie outing as well as complete a complicated claim for a subcontractor. And also, Im not feeling too good- am down with flu, fever and the whole gang of virus that comes in the package. Sigh.

So since I want to write something but have nothing really of substance to write about, I shall tell you a joke that made me smile when I feel sad at work. Got this from one of the forward mails from my colleague Ahmad. If you are from the northern region, chances are, you will catch the humour.

It's in Bahasa btw. Did a little paraphasing here coz I've deleted the mail and cant remember the exact words. But the gist is there, I promise you. Oh ya, one more thing, the facts might not be historically accurate k.

Pada zaman dahulu, pihak Portugis ingin menakluk negeri Melaka. Maka, pasukan Portugis yang diketuai oleh Alfonso de'Albuqueque (whatever the spelling) pun mulalah merancang strategi untuk menyerang Melaka. Rancangan jahat Portugis ini telah diketahui oleh Sultan Melaka. Sultan Melaka berasa bimbang lalu mengerahkan pembantunya memanggil 5 orang pahlawannya yang terkemuka- Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir dan Hang Lekiu. Kelima-lima pahlawan itu pun pergilah berlawan dengan tentera Portugis.

Setelah beberapa minggu berlawan, tentera Portugis menang perperangan itu. Mereka berasa penat sangat setelah berlawan dengan kelima-lima pahlawan handalan Melaka. Walaupun Portugis menang, mereka masih mengakui kehebatan pahlawan-pahlawan tersebut.

Pihak Portugis tinggal di Melaka selama beberapa tahun. Tiba-tiba, timbul lah pulak minat di hati Alfonso untuk menakluk negeri Perak. Maka, beliau pun menghantar pengintip-pengintipnya ke negeri Perak untuk meninjau keadaan negeri tersebut.

Pengintip-pengintip Portugis pun pulanglah ke Melaka untuk melaporkan keadaan negeri tersebut. Mereka kelihatan amat panik sekali. Alfonso berasa hairan lalu bertanya "Macam mana keadaan negeri itu?". Pengintip-pengintipnya pun menjawab "Tuan, kami telah ke negeri Perak dan mengintip keadaan di situ. Ingatkah Tuan yang kita telah berlawan dengan 5 orang Hang yang hebat di Melaka? Di negeri Perak, ada beribu-ribu lagi hang di situ seperti "Hang nak pergi mana?", "Hang buat ape?", "Hang dah makan ke belum?" "Hang buatlah sendiri" dan bermacam-macam lagi. Rasanya pihak kita tidak mampu melawan mereka".

Setelah mendengar laporan dari prngintip-pengintip, maka Alfonso pun tidak jadi menakluk negeri Perak.

**End of story**