Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why I Need Big Bags

I have always been famous for carrying my big sling bag around. To work, to lunch, to shop...basically to almost everywhere I go. Been using that bag for the past 3 years or so and like anything old, it's slowly tearing apart...

My bag

Back elevation. The PVC is peeling off like the fly from The Fly...

Even the magnetic fasterner is no longer intact!

I do have 2 other handbags, but somehow, nothing seem to suit me better than this bag. first, in terms of size, this bag is spacious enough to fit in my fat purse (not because I have lots of cash or coin, but because I cant seem to get rid of all unimportant cards), my handphone, my sunglasses, my panasonic lumix, a small tripod, 2 bunch of keys, some light cosmetics (only compact powder, lip balm and a comb), my apartment card, LRT card and some emergency stuff (you know lah, no need explain here! haha). You see, these are just the bare essentials in my bag which I have to carry ALL the time.

And I must have some more space to accommodate an umbrella or a bottle of water in times of need...

Another thing that I like about my big bag- I can smuggle stuffs inside it! The bag is also known as the Booty Bag which had been used on numerous occassions to stealthily transport in:

1) food and drinks into the cinema. The classic foodstuff that I brought in was McD's McChicken (3 nos in total)

2) Freebies at hotels and malls. Classic example was a few small jars of honey from KL Hilton together with a couple of apples from the guest lounge.

3) A change of clothes for events after work...

Tell me, where can I get such a good bag at an affordable price? I dont think the bag will last to another year.

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Petrina said...

i soooo know that bag. cos i shopped for that bag with you, hahahaha. and we came to understand the wisdom of the woodcutter's son story. :)

well, anyhow, if you want someone to teman you to go shopping for a new bag, please, be my guest!