Thursday, May 17, 2007

My First Published Writing

My report on the recent programme at Gunung Ledang was published in the company portal. A first for me. It may not be a national newspaper. Or a glam mag. But it is still something to be proud of for me.

I wish I could put the link up here but I am too buta computer to do that! I dont even know if this is possible in the first place. So I painstakingly copied the PDF file and converted it into JPEG format.

I know its small but if you really want to read it, you can try to zoom in.

Anyway, the person who posted this up in the portal clearly doesnt know much about me. I am no longer with Contracts Department and the picture was taken some 5 months ago. And I certainly would appreciate it if I remain anonymous. I am shy. =)


Cruel Angel said...


Even zooooooooom cant read because the words too blur... But anyway COngrats for becoming MISS IJM! hahaha!!!

tina said...

CA: haha...

no need read the words la, the most important is:
1) can see my name
2) can see my face
3) can see that it is a published material.