Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Giant On The Street

Have you seen a monster before? Optimus Prime would be soooo jealous...He's after all just a trailer. How can he beat a 400-TONNE MOBILE CRANE?

The crane was spotted along Jalan Binjai last Saturday. It was ordered by my site to load and unload the components of our new luffing crane ( a type of tower crane). Any normal mobile crane just wouldnt fit for the job.

Lifting part of the new tower crane's mast (vertical body)

The 400-tonne (400,000kg) giant took up half of the main road. That was the minimum span. The whole thing can be spreaded as wide as the whole road itself.

Everything about the crane spells HUMONGOUS! Look at the traction gears that err, ejects the boom.

For laymen, dont worry, I'll explain here. You see the almost vertical entity that rises to the sky? That's the boom. It's extendable so it's also known as a telescopic boom.

The partially extended boom.

Extension at full height. So high you cant get the whole pic with a digital camera..
Check out the outrigger (a.k.a kaki lah!). Its to stabilise the crane, btw.

The outrigger is even bigger and higher than the construction worker!

A better comparison would be as shown below. May not be a great shot but here, you can see how the crane fares among cars and man.

The giant will be back next week to install the final tower crane at the site. I will not see any such a huge crane anymore for the next 3 years or more.


Anonymous said...


wat a bore...who wants to know bout tower cranes bla bla...



tina said...

ya ya....i shall bore you further with stories of bore piles, hehe