Friday, April 27, 2007

Where Have All The Good Men Gone

A man was found lying unconscious at the entrance to the Ampang Park station. Nobody knows what happened, and nobody could determine if the guy merely fainted or worst, dead. For sure he wasn’t a beggar because he was properly dressed in office attire.

I find it very disheartening to see Malaysian men, just looking and walking by despite seeing a fellow man on the ground. The least they can do is touch the guy or try to check if he is still alive or not. But no one did anything, until a Rapid KL personnel came and made some phone calls which I assumed was for help.

This is not one incident where men failed to act as expected of them. I travel by the LRT for more than an hour daily and I find it saddening that these days the ones who fight for seats and ignore other people who are more deserving of the limited seats are men. Yes, young, healthy, working men! Yuppies. I once saw a yuppy guy brushing a woman aside as he shamelessly race to get a seat, without apologizing and with no remorse for what he has done. I wonder, does he even know that what he just did anyway? Perhaps he was too selfish to even think about others.

After all that I’ve seen, I wonder, when did men become to passive and selfish? Was it when work takes a different meaning and is confined to four walls, a cubicle and a pc? Or was it when women started wearing the pants that men somewhat feel un-obliged to do things for women because they think that women can do it themselves? Whichever it is, and for whatever reason, it is getting more and more saddening to see the state that modern men are in right now.


Cruel Angel said...

well! msian has the attitude of not my business I dont care. I have 2 rush to work and etc.

Emily said...

what was your respond? did you manage to get close to the person? this is like the Good Samarathan parable in the bible :>