Monday, April 09, 2007

Closer To The Cross

Watching an Easter play on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is the closest one can get to the actual scene on that day- the appearance of Jesus in front of Pilate, the crowd mocking Jesus, and the soldiers caning and torturing Him like He was a stray animal. The pain, the heartache that He felt as He was led to Golgotha like a sheep being led to the slaughter, without any complaint or anger. The knowledge that He has to go through this for the redemption of mankind, to bridge the gap between man and God is just mind boggling. He did it for the love of you and me. So deep that we could hardly comprehend why He has to do it.


The scene was taunting. Three crosses, three men and a battalion of Roman soldiers, all making their way to Mount Golgotha. They were passing by the court and the public placing, with the sight and sound of whipping and wailing from the beatings. Cries of mercy from two of the three men filled the air as they were parading across the town. This is a public humiliation for sinners who are of disgrace to the people. Walking through the town for all to see, for all to remember that these people have sinned and because of that they will have to be executed by the most mean method- crucifixion. It is mean because it’s a slow and painful death- imagine having huge nails being thrust into your wrists and your ankle (both on top of each other so 1 nail could be used), and then being left hanging under the sky with the weight of your body pulling you down and slowly tearing the wounds apart…and the scorching sun that dries up every liter of liquid you have left in your body... And if that is not enough, imagine being whipped repeatedly and mocked by others as your body weakens from too much of pain….

The church celebrated Good Friday in a different way- instead of having the ususal play, we had a dinner together ala the Passover. We had unleavened bread ( a.k.a. chapathi), wine, bitter herb and roast lamb.

We brought food to church to share with one another.

How better to remember the day that Jesus died for us than to have a gathering among friends in church over a good meal?

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Cruel Angel said...

I miss all my churchmates in Msia. The cake pic is very disgusting.. look like Sh*t wif blood.. :(