Monday, April 23, 2007


When i walk through fire,
I will not be burnt,
When the waves come crashing on me,
Still I know, with all of my heart,
He's got the whole world in His hands...

Having to work 6 full days in a week, I now appreciate my weekend more than ever before. Because Sunday is the only day that I get to rest and not think about work. And church was never like before- I am just thankful to God for sustaining me throughout the entire week of crappiness, tension and worries at work. I used to complain to God about how bad my working life is, how unhappy I was with certain co-workers, why things like this is happening to me, yada yada yada. To the point that I just dont want to worship Him because deep down I didnt think that He's that worthy to be worshipped after all for all he has not done for me...But now, church is like a washing machine- just throw all the wearisome, trouble and rubbish to God and He will refresh me, getting me ready for work again the following day. And assuring me that I will survive and will not be crushed...

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Cruel Angel said...

Tough time dont last, Tough people do.

Really has to thankss IJM for their neglecting me so that I can search my own destiny.. a better one!

Just like Dragon Ball... Strong hit makes you tougher