Thursday, April 05, 2007

One Fateful Evening…

If a 4 year old kid falls, it is normal. If the case is a 74 year-old lady, it is a cause to worry. But if the person who falls is a healthy 24 year-old woman, it is a joke simply because adults just don’t slip and fall.

I was walking down the slippery kerb when my old Nike which I always knew had a problem with grip suddenly slid down and brought along a weight of 50kg upon my palms, shoulder and knees. It all happened so fast that I could barely make up what and how it all happened. All I could think of were ‘Shucks, I still need to drive back my car in this heavy traffic’, ‘Who should I call to drive me home’ and ‘I wish the guys from my office didn’t see this’. For 5 minutes or so I couldn’t coordinate my movement and was experiencing a near knockout, head spinning like crazy and all surrounding sound were muffled. I guess all those are signs that I was in too much pain that my brain had prepared to shutdown….

But I am thankful to God that my colleague Revathi was with me and the guard at PNB Park was kind enough to let us in the lobby to rest and recover from the shock. It was drizzling then. And I am also glad that the injury was a minor one, no broken bones, no impact on the head and brain, and certainly no muscle tear. I only suffer from a few bruises on my elbow, right knee and left shoulder and a bloody wound on my left knee, which left me limping the whole night till the next day.

I got an MC for it.

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