Monday, April 16, 2007

Mixed Muse

It's been almost 2 weeks since I last went to the gym. I miss RPM. I miss those weightlifting machines. I miss that Ab Bench.

I will be back on RPM today! =)

There will be a friendly futsal match with RB two weeks from now and Yen has invited me to join the team. Should I? I dont even know if I could still kick a ball!

Did I mention that my knee has healed? YEAH!! I no longer have to bandage my knee when I go out and can flex it as usual!

It's a fast recovery and I thank God for that...=)


April is the picking up month for birthdays. The Kelab Sukan celebrated Chua's bday, which reminded me that


Was thinking of combining the two days for a birthday bash or smthg.


26 April is a holiday for me too! Yippie!!!!!!!!
But the sad thing is, 2 June is no longer a holiday for us. Meaning, there wont be any public holiday for the months of June, July and August! (save for our National Day on 31 August).
So how? Cuti sendiri lah!

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Anonymous said...

Finally..i saw ur new photo there(profile)..better than previous..thank god for giving her the message..amie..the SPONGEBOB..i jus given my fren the gift which related wit the character..hehe..many things happening tis month..many decisions need to be made..yes or no? stil go on..may not be a wise decision but then knowledge foundation and experience for future used..
hope i had made a good move..
blurrr for those stil dunno..