Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Am STILL Rebellious...

After spending two days at a training centre, I can conclude one thing about myself: I am rebellious.

During the course of my training, I had to work with a very difficult 'know-it-all' aunty who doesnt listern to others but insisted that she was right and I was wrong. Ok, maybe I took it a little too personally but, hey, who likes to be bossed around and being shot at simply because you dont see it the way she see it? And how I reacted? I fought till the end but since I still have some respect for OLD people, I relented. My Pendidikan Moral teacher has taught me well ok. But not well enough to kill the rebel in me!

Let me analyse what I did to her. Hmm...I made sure I pointed out her mistakes whenever I catch it. Of course in a subtle way lah. I also refused to give in during our almost-heated arguement on a certain subject. I didnt think she was all wrong but I deliberately disagree with her just to give her a little work out. And I have no remorse or whatsoever. Haha!

I wonder, how come other young people are so nice and tolerant but I am so totally NOT? I think, if I dont have any religious background, I could have been worse! For one, the aunty would have left the building crying. Hah! Victory on me! Defeat, defeat!!! MUAHAHAHA!

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Cruel Angel said...

Is fine since you know u are rebellious.. Is hard when your are young and trying to convince some1 older. Life is a never ending learning process.. Keep learning ..