Friday, April 06, 2007

Gear Up For F1!

Can you feel the excitement? Can you feel the heat???It's that time of the year again for the Formula One Malaysian GP!

Ok la, I am not a big fan. To tell you the truth, I don't give a thing about F1 or any such sport. But since the BMW Sauber Pit Lane Park is juuuuusssttttttt next to my office, I thought, why not hop by to have a look? After all it's juuuuusssssstttttt next door....

This is the entrance to the Park. Oh did I mention that its FREE?

I've never been to any F1 event before. More so to a "Pit Lane Park". Man, I've never even heard of that term before. So being F1 illiterate, I decided to walk past that gate and see what the park has to offer. I picture F1 drivers walking around, with scantily clad F1 chics pouring champange for the, what else ar?

Rupa-rupanya there are booths for the public to get a hold of what F1 racing is all about, exibition of race cars and interactive games so that people wont get bored walking around the hot unshaded area.

I was dragged into this quiz booth for some F1 trivia. I DONT like straining my brain on things like "How many times did BMW won the F1 race?" because I DONT KNOW. But anyhow, I tembak-ed and I wouldnt say that I scored badly...

OK wat...

I didnt try again. So I went around to other booths. There was the car fixing booth where people get to fix the car like how the pros used to do during the race....

And the fuel booth where people get to...fill petrol/diesel into the car...

Kacang putih until budak also can do....

There was the simulator booth. The queue was sooooooo long that I felt malas to try it. So I went to the next one- Photo session with...THE F1 GIRLS!!!! I so wish that the BMW Sauber drivers would be there too but who are we to them????

But nevermind. I forgive them. ;p

The photo girls. Wait a min...........Doesnt the chinese gal look familiar???? Have I seen her somewhere??


This is Sharon Tan. Same or not???

Only thing difference is, they dont sound the same.

Anyway, after the photo session with the gals, I proceeded to (what do we call that???) to watch the race and drift demo.

This is how the demo lane looks like BEFORE the performance.

This is how it looks during the earlier stage of the performance

The driver in action....So fast that my anti-handshake doesnt seem to work!

The End. Smoke all over like haze or fog. Mosquitoes will DIE.

At the end of the performance, the place was filled with exhaust smoke and an overwhelming smell of burnt rubber and bitumen....

The driver was a local boy who is quite unheard of. But never mind, since he's having an autograph and photo session with the audieces, I just followed the crowd to get his signature.

This is the guy who was responsible for the massive amount of CO (carbon monoxide) released during the performance. I think his name is Aaron Lim??

A. L = Aaron Lim?

The autograph wasnt the only freebie I got.

A redemption coupon for the AFOS (Asia Festival of Speed), entry pass to the park, earplugs and the free photo which I took with the F1 gals...

The earplugs look like candies. Seriously. Initially I thought that the F1 gals were trying to be stingy on me by giving me only ONE packet.

But since the cute little yellow box does not contain anything edible...well...1 box is enough then...

This is how you should wear it..

Squeeeze it into a ball and stick it into your earhole...

Ok lah, since it's a car event, it wouldnt be nice if i dont pay the due respect for that speed machine, right? Here, food for the eyes!

Petronas Car which never seem to win one wonder what curse is upon the team/car.

BMW car which also not very popular as the winner. But then at least it's BRANDED.

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adrien said...

hello! i came across your blog when i searched for "BMW pit lane park", as i was curious on what the reviews would be on the event. your comment on the F1 model looking like a friend of yours named sharon tan caught my attention, i was actually working there at the "photo stop", printing the pictures all day long. lol. well glad you enjoyed it.

p/s: the model's name's christine. lol