Tuesday, April 03, 2007


These days I feel so drained of ideas to write. In many cases I have to points to write, just didnt have the idea to further develop the idea into a beautiful and interesting essay. What's wrong with me? Have work gotten into my life so much that I began to compromise on other things like the time to think, write and craft catchy lines in my writings.

In reality I talk and joke a lot. Sometimes to the point that guys are actually scared of me. A few guys even told me that I am fun to be with as a fren but not as a girlfren because I joke like a guy. Insulting, a little but yeah, I feel flattered with this kind of remark. Meaning I am NOT boring and I have a sense of humour, which is a commodity to me. But somehow I just cant seem to capture those moments into words or even if I could, it would see to be watered down so much that I myself cant find it funny. Why ar? I am proud of my personality despite comments and remarks by others and I want to show it in my blog the person that I am. But somehow...haih..

I bought a camera with all the bonus that I got (OK not ALL la but a big chunk of cash came from the bonus) with all intentions to take memorable pics and post it in the blog. Not only memorable pics, but also peculiar events and things that capture my eyes which I can write about in my blog. I find pictures very interesting and compliments every single word that came with the picture. I carry my camera everywhere, snaps at every opportunity but posted up only a small fraction of photos taken with the camera. One reason- the time factor again. You see, I dont have a card reader and transferring pics from the camera to the pc will take some time and a long cable. I dont have that much free time anymore now that I am based at a project site so...I think that is self-explanatory.

Gosh I sound so excusoholic! Will try la to do smthg about this little 'problem'..

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Cruel Angel said...

me2.. now ya know how hard those songs, srcipt, books etc writer think to get something done.. how much effort & time they put into their work...

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