Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Be Blog Smart

My sister was telling me about a blog-related incident in her office.

She stumbled upon a colleague's blog and was innocently sharing it with a colleague, X. X and the blog writer, Y are not in good terms so Y kutuked X in her blog. Y also kutuked her boss in another entry.

So naturally, after X found out about the blog, she forwarded the link to Y's boss and cc to the manager and two other colleagues. That was the beginning of havoc.

Anyway, I am not going to elaborate further about the situation of the office but instead, I will ponder on the incident and learn a few lessons here.

Moral behind the story : Do NOT kutuk your colleagues or boss in your blog, even if you think it's not obvious because you will never know who is lurking behind the bush, ready to attack at the slightest mistake you make.

Even if you really feel angry and geram with the person (particularly superiors), write about it by all means but save as draft first! The purpose is to vent your anger out without jeorpadising your career/job/relationship.

Oh ya, dont think that by voicing out your anger and frustration this way you will become a hero. People will probably praise you for your courage ut ultimately, when trouble comes, I assure you, you will die alone.


Please lah, if any of you stumble upon such writing by your colleague (even if that person is your arch-nemesis), be more ethical and DONT stab that person this way. You not only hurt your enemy but yourself and the people around you. Grow up and fight like an adult. Of course, if you can, just forgive that person and forget about it. Life is too short to harbour old grandmother's resentments.


Cruel Angel said...

I'll be the one who die 1st, if I still in yo company! But I am ready to face the consequences as I'm prepare to pay for my action! Hidding yo anger is a sin!

tina said...

alan: man, why am i not surprised that you would say such a thing? i can bet my entire year's salary that you would definitely comment on this entry!

agreed with you that its not good to hold your anger but must also release wisely. Kamikaze is NOT the way of a wise man.

Emily said...

I thank God that i have no conflict with my bosses and colleague. The girl who stab is so no work ethic, such a shameless person.