Monday, April 30, 2007


I will be away from my office for a week. So I will not be blogging till next week...Going off for an expedition to Gunung Ledang!

Will blog about it and a lot more soon. Upcoming blog entires would be:
1) My latest gastronomic adventure to a certain exotic restaurant
2) A fren who made it into a local TV serial and some snippets of it, pirated by me, hehe
3) The Gunung Ledang trip itself, me going as the committee, seeing and doing things others dont see.

So see you guys around...

Oh ya, the office was renovated recently. That's why no internet, no phone, no nothing. Only dust. Lots of it. And certainly, no means to blog.

Alrighty, see you guys around in a week. Ciao!

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