Monday, April 30, 2007


I will be away from my office for a week. So I will not be blogging till next week...Going off for an expedition to Gunung Ledang!

Will blog about it and a lot more soon. Upcoming blog entires would be:
1) My latest gastronomic adventure to a certain exotic restaurant
2) A fren who made it into a local TV serial and some snippets of it, pirated by me, hehe
3) The Gunung Ledang trip itself, me going as the committee, seeing and doing things others dont see.

So see you guys around...

Oh ya, the office was renovated recently. That's why no internet, no phone, no nothing. Only dust. Lots of it. And certainly, no means to blog.

Alrighty, see you guys around in a week. Ciao!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Who Did This To Me??????

I discovered this on my windscreen a couple of days ago…….


Cis, bedebah!

Where Have All The Good Men Gone

A man was found lying unconscious at the entrance to the Ampang Park station. Nobody knows what happened, and nobody could determine if the guy merely fainted or worst, dead. For sure he wasn’t a beggar because he was properly dressed in office attire.

I find it very disheartening to see Malaysian men, just looking and walking by despite seeing a fellow man on the ground. The least they can do is touch the guy or try to check if he is still alive or not. But no one did anything, until a Rapid KL personnel came and made some phone calls which I assumed was for help.

This is not one incident where men failed to act as expected of them. I travel by the LRT for more than an hour daily and I find it saddening that these days the ones who fight for seats and ignore other people who are more deserving of the limited seats are men. Yes, young, healthy, working men! Yuppies. I once saw a yuppy guy brushing a woman aside as he shamelessly race to get a seat, without apologizing and with no remorse for what he has done. I wonder, does he even know that what he just did anyway? Perhaps he was too selfish to even think about others.

After all that I’ve seen, I wonder, when did men become to passive and selfish? Was it when work takes a different meaning and is confined to four walls, a cubicle and a pc? Or was it when women started wearing the pants that men somewhat feel un-obliged to do things for women because they think that women can do it themselves? Whichever it is, and for whatever reason, it is getting more and more saddening to see the state that modern men are in right now.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Delightful Email =)

I see light at the end of the tunnel...Received an email from Sharon Goh which sounded like this:

"...alooooooooo......don't be joining for dinner. I'vedinner plans with my friend already...sowwiee

oh btw....anyone interested to be my 'tester' hahaha. it's for my program. Right now, i need ppl who is suffering from hair loss and is willing to try out a product called Nu-er which says can help in hair loss la. The duration to try is 2 weeks hehe AND the person must be willing to appear in front of the camera to give their opinion on the product =) so please spread the news around to your friends ya i have like 13 products to try so I need as many as possible..thanks soooo much!!!


I found salvation for my hair loss prob! At ZERO cost. Plus, I get to be on TV!!! Haha...All thanks to Sharon =) Must, must bring her to our old time favourite Roti Hong Kong place ;p And I better get myself prepared for the shoot...haha

Be Blog Smart

My sister was telling me about a blog-related incident in her office.

She stumbled upon a colleague's blog and was innocently sharing it with a colleague, X. X and the blog writer, Y are not in good terms so Y kutuked X in her blog. Y also kutuked her boss in another entry.

So naturally, after X found out about the blog, she forwarded the link to Y's boss and cc to the manager and two other colleagues. That was the beginning of havoc.

Anyway, I am not going to elaborate further about the situation of the office but instead, I will ponder on the incident and learn a few lessons here.

Moral behind the story : Do NOT kutuk your colleagues or boss in your blog, even if you think it's not obvious because you will never know who is lurking behind the bush, ready to attack at the slightest mistake you make.

Even if you really feel angry and geram with the person (particularly superiors), write about it by all means but save as draft first! The purpose is to vent your anger out without jeorpadising your career/job/relationship.

Oh ya, dont think that by voicing out your anger and frustration this way you will become a hero. People will probably praise you for your courage ut ultimately, when trouble comes, I assure you, you will die alone.


Please lah, if any of you stumble upon such writing by your colleague (even if that person is your arch-nemesis), be more ethical and DONT stab that person this way. You not only hurt your enemy but yourself and the people around you. Grow up and fight like an adult. Of course, if you can, just forgive that person and forget about it. Life is too short to harbour old grandmother's resentments.

Monday, April 23, 2007


When i walk through fire,
I will not be burnt,
When the waves come crashing on me,
Still I know, with all of my heart,
He's got the whole world in His hands...

Having to work 6 full days in a week, I now appreciate my weekend more than ever before. Because Sunday is the only day that I get to rest and not think about work. And church was never like before- I am just thankful to God for sustaining me throughout the entire week of crappiness, tension and worries at work. I used to complain to God about how bad my working life is, how unhappy I was with certain co-workers, why things like this is happening to me, yada yada yada. To the point that I just dont want to worship Him because deep down I didnt think that He's that worthy to be worshipped after all for all he has not done for me...But now, church is like a washing machine- just throw all the wearisome, trouble and rubbish to God and He will refresh me, getting me ready for work again the following day. And assuring me that I will survive and will not be crushed...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birthday To Sultan Azlan Shah!

Being a pure Perak-ian, born and bred in Perak and having both parents from Perak, I always remember February 19 is the Hari Keputeraan Sultan Perak (Sultan Perak's Birth Day). I remember almost forgetting to go to class on this date in my first year living in another state because April 19 has always been a holiday for the first 20 years of my life!!!

I've always admired my Sultan, Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Yusuff Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-Lah . (Yes, his proper name is THAT long so imagine me as a kid trying to memorize his name for our Bahasa Malaysia Std 2 class! For this blog purpose, we shall refer to him as Sultan Azlan Shah ok?). He's smart and for one, he's humble. I've not met him in person but from what I heard (or not heard of) he's not the type of person who goes around reiterating his position as the Sultan just to gain other people's respect. Heck, he doesnt even need to do that because he IS naturally smart and respectable in charactor!

I wanted to write some facts about him and his achievements but since Wikipedia has already done a fantastic job in it, why dont you just click here and read it from a better source than myself ya?

And...did you know that the Perak Sultanate actually has a website of their own? WOW! Told you the palace peeps are SMART. Do check out the's amusing to see how people use bahasa istana like 'patik yang hina' while some others just address to the sultan casually! Macam tak biasa with the word 'hina', hehe....

So anyway that's a bit from me about the Sultan. The state of Perak is a beautiful and peaceful state and I believe the administrators of the state has done a good job in keeping the place at its best. Respect, respect.... I love Perak, really. I just have one wish- that the Hari keputeraan holiday can be extended to all Perak-ians who are away from the state ;p

Overslept and Overshot

I have finally scaled the entire Putra line today. At the expense of my working time, unfortunately.

As usual, I would take a short nap in the train to compensate for the precious sleep hours lost because of work and having to wake up at 5.30am every morning to get to work on time. Usually, somehow I will wake up when the train reaches KLCC. But not today. By the time I woke up, I was already at Setiawangsa station, 4 stations away from where I was supposed to get down!

Since I was already late and was only 3 stations away from Terminal Putra, the last station, I thought, I might as well stay in the train till the end and get myself a nice seat instead of having to fight the crowd at other intermediate stations. So I just sat and enjoyed myself....

To cut the story short, I was late for work by 45 minutes but at least, no later than all my bosses, hehe...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Disaster Strikes When You Least Expect

The rain had caused the ramp wall rebars to collapse. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Anything can happen at a construction site. The most you can do is to pray hard and take every precautionary steps available to avoid mishaps.

Darn, I am so sleepy now (unrelated incidents ya).

Mixed Muse

It's been almost 2 weeks since I last went to the gym. I miss RPM. I miss those weightlifting machines. I miss that Ab Bench.

I will be back on RPM today! =)

There will be a friendly futsal match with RB two weeks from now and Yen has invited me to join the team. Should I? I dont even know if I could still kick a ball!

Did I mention that my knee has healed? YEAH!! I no longer have to bandage my knee when I go out and can flex it as usual!

It's a fast recovery and I thank God for that...=)


April is the picking up month for birthdays. The Kelab Sukan celebrated Chua's bday, which reminded me that


Was thinking of combining the two days for a birthday bash or smthg.


26 April is a holiday for me too! Yippie!!!!!!!!
But the sad thing is, 2 June is no longer a holiday for us. Meaning, there wont be any public holiday for the months of June, July and August! (save for our National Day on 31 August).
So how? Cuti sendiri lah!

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Little Deed Goes A Long Way

Thanks Miss Yeong for treating me lunch. You made my day!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Of late, I have been feeling rather disillusioned. And a little depressed. I don’t know why I am feeling this way, but I feel like crap every time I get home after a long day at work. Perhaps it’s my job. It’s not that I have nothing to do and bore myself to death at the office- in fact I am a lot more busy than how I used to back in the headoffice- but it’s the WORK that I do that makes me feel down.

I think this is not the job that I wanna do for the rest of my life. I don’t see any career advancement anywhere in my work path and I don’t feel appreciated at all. Basically, I just don’t feel enthusiastic about my job anymore. Perhaps I have been placed in shitty situations so often that I have begun to lose my motivation to continue doing what I am doing. If it wasn’t for the 4 year bond I have with the company, I would have left much, much earlier…

But leaving the current job is not a solution for me. Not only I have to compensate the company for breaching our contract, I will have to start looking for another non QS job elsewhere. I have not decided what I should do, and I don’t even know what I am good at! I was thinking of going into events or even sales and marketing but…. The fear of uncertainty overwhelms me that I cant think rationally now.

I guess I need some time to calm down and think of what I really want. I am glad to have found people who share the same sentiment as me and I do hope to have a meeting with them to exchange ideas and encouragement. Till I finalized my decision, I will have to endure with this sucky job. I need God’s strength and wisdom a lot, or I’ll collapse one day due to depression.

I Am STILL Rebellious...

After spending two days at a training centre, I can conclude one thing about myself: I am rebellious.

During the course of my training, I had to work with a very difficult 'know-it-all' aunty who doesnt listern to others but insisted that she was right and I was wrong. Ok, maybe I took it a little too personally but, hey, who likes to be bossed around and being shot at simply because you dont see it the way she see it? And how I reacted? I fought till the end but since I still have some respect for OLD people, I relented. My Pendidikan Moral teacher has taught me well ok. But not well enough to kill the rebel in me!

Let me analyse what I did to her. Hmm...I made sure I pointed out her mistakes whenever I catch it. Of course in a subtle way lah. I also refused to give in during our almost-heated arguement on a certain subject. I didnt think she was all wrong but I deliberately disagree with her just to give her a little work out. And I have no remorse or whatsoever. Haha!

I wonder, how come other young people are so nice and tolerant but I am so totally NOT? I think, if I dont have any religious background, I could have been worse! For one, the aunty would have left the building crying. Hah! Victory on me! Defeat, defeat!!! MUAHAHAHA!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Closer To The Cross

Watching an Easter play on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is the closest one can get to the actual scene on that day- the appearance of Jesus in front of Pilate, the crowd mocking Jesus, and the soldiers caning and torturing Him like He was a stray animal. The pain, the heartache that He felt as He was led to Golgotha like a sheep being led to the slaughter, without any complaint or anger. The knowledge that He has to go through this for the redemption of mankind, to bridge the gap between man and God is just mind boggling. He did it for the love of you and me. So deep that we could hardly comprehend why He has to do it.


The scene was taunting. Three crosses, three men and a battalion of Roman soldiers, all making their way to Mount Golgotha. They were passing by the court and the public placing, with the sight and sound of whipping and wailing from the beatings. Cries of mercy from two of the three men filled the air as they were parading across the town. This is a public humiliation for sinners who are of disgrace to the people. Walking through the town for all to see, for all to remember that these people have sinned and because of that they will have to be executed by the most mean method- crucifixion. It is mean because it’s a slow and painful death- imagine having huge nails being thrust into your wrists and your ankle (both on top of each other so 1 nail could be used), and then being left hanging under the sky with the weight of your body pulling you down and slowly tearing the wounds apart…and the scorching sun that dries up every liter of liquid you have left in your body... And if that is not enough, imagine being whipped repeatedly and mocked by others as your body weakens from too much of pain….

The church celebrated Good Friday in a different way- instead of having the ususal play, we had a dinner together ala the Passover. We had unleavened bread ( a.k.a. chapathi), wine, bitter herb and roast lamb.

We brought food to church to share with one another.

How better to remember the day that Jesus died for us than to have a gathering among friends in church over a good meal?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Gear Up For F1!

Can you feel the excitement? Can you feel the heat???It's that time of the year again for the Formula One Malaysian GP!

Ok la, I am not a big fan. To tell you the truth, I don't give a thing about F1 or any such sport. But since the BMW Sauber Pit Lane Park is juuuuusssttttttt next to my office, I thought, why not hop by to have a look? After all it's juuuuusssssstttttt next door....

This is the entrance to the Park. Oh did I mention that its FREE?

I've never been to any F1 event before. More so to a "Pit Lane Park". Man, I've never even heard of that term before. So being F1 illiterate, I decided to walk past that gate and see what the park has to offer. I picture F1 drivers walking around, with scantily clad F1 chics pouring champange for the, what else ar?

Rupa-rupanya there are booths for the public to get a hold of what F1 racing is all about, exibition of race cars and interactive games so that people wont get bored walking around the hot unshaded area.

I was dragged into this quiz booth for some F1 trivia. I DONT like straining my brain on things like "How many times did BMW won the F1 race?" because I DONT KNOW. But anyhow, I tembak-ed and I wouldnt say that I scored badly...

OK wat...

I didnt try again. So I went around to other booths. There was the car fixing booth where people get to fix the car like how the pros used to do during the race....

And the fuel booth where people get to...fill petrol/diesel into the car...

Kacang putih until budak also can do....

There was the simulator booth. The queue was sooooooo long that I felt malas to try it. So I went to the next one- Photo session with...THE F1 GIRLS!!!! I so wish that the BMW Sauber drivers would be there too but who are we to them????

But nevermind. I forgive them. ;p

The photo girls. Wait a min...........Doesnt the chinese gal look familiar???? Have I seen her somewhere??


This is Sharon Tan. Same or not???

Only thing difference is, they dont sound the same.

Anyway, after the photo session with the gals, I proceeded to (what do we call that???) to watch the race and drift demo.

This is how the demo lane looks like BEFORE the performance.

This is how it looks during the earlier stage of the performance

The driver in action....So fast that my anti-handshake doesnt seem to work!

The End. Smoke all over like haze or fog. Mosquitoes will DIE.

At the end of the performance, the place was filled with exhaust smoke and an overwhelming smell of burnt rubber and bitumen....

The driver was a local boy who is quite unheard of. But never mind, since he's having an autograph and photo session with the audieces, I just followed the crowd to get his signature.

This is the guy who was responsible for the massive amount of CO (carbon monoxide) released during the performance. I think his name is Aaron Lim??

A. L = Aaron Lim?

The autograph wasnt the only freebie I got.

A redemption coupon for the AFOS (Asia Festival of Speed), entry pass to the park, earplugs and the free photo which I took with the F1 gals...

The earplugs look like candies. Seriously. Initially I thought that the F1 gals were trying to be stingy on me by giving me only ONE packet.

But since the cute little yellow box does not contain anything edible...well...1 box is enough then...

This is how you should wear it..

Squeeeze it into a ball and stick it into your earhole...

Ok lah, since it's a car event, it wouldnt be nice if i dont pay the due respect for that speed machine, right? Here, food for the eyes!

Petronas Car which never seem to win one wonder what curse is upon the team/car.

BMW car which also not very popular as the winner. But then at least it's BRANDED.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

One Fateful Evening…

If a 4 year old kid falls, it is normal. If the case is a 74 year-old lady, it is a cause to worry. But if the person who falls is a healthy 24 year-old woman, it is a joke simply because adults just don’t slip and fall.

I was walking down the slippery kerb when my old Nike which I always knew had a problem with grip suddenly slid down and brought along a weight of 50kg upon my palms, shoulder and knees. It all happened so fast that I could barely make up what and how it all happened. All I could think of were ‘Shucks, I still need to drive back my car in this heavy traffic’, ‘Who should I call to drive me home’ and ‘I wish the guys from my office didn’t see this’. For 5 minutes or so I couldn’t coordinate my movement and was experiencing a near knockout, head spinning like crazy and all surrounding sound were muffled. I guess all those are signs that I was in too much pain that my brain had prepared to shutdown….

But I am thankful to God that my colleague Revathi was with me and the guard at PNB Park was kind enough to let us in the lobby to rest and recover from the shock. It was drizzling then. And I am also glad that the injury was a minor one, no broken bones, no impact on the head and brain, and certainly no muscle tear. I only suffer from a few bruises on my elbow, right knee and left shoulder and a bloody wound on my left knee, which left me limping the whole night till the next day.

I got an MC for it.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


These days I feel so drained of ideas to write. In many cases I have to points to write, just didnt have the idea to further develop the idea into a beautiful and interesting essay. What's wrong with me? Have work gotten into my life so much that I began to compromise on other things like the time to think, write and craft catchy lines in my writings.

In reality I talk and joke a lot. Sometimes to the point that guys are actually scared of me. A few guys even told me that I am fun to be with as a fren but not as a girlfren because I joke like a guy. Insulting, a little but yeah, I feel flattered with this kind of remark. Meaning I am NOT boring and I have a sense of humour, which is a commodity to me. But somehow I just cant seem to capture those moments into words or even if I could, it would see to be watered down so much that I myself cant find it funny. Why ar? I am proud of my personality despite comments and remarks by others and I want to show it in my blog the person that I am. But somehow...haih..

I bought a camera with all the bonus that I got (OK not ALL la but a big chunk of cash came from the bonus) with all intentions to take memorable pics and post it in the blog. Not only memorable pics, but also peculiar events and things that capture my eyes which I can write about in my blog. I find pictures very interesting and compliments every single word that came with the picture. I carry my camera everywhere, snaps at every opportunity but posted up only a small fraction of photos taken with the camera. One reason- the time factor again. You see, I dont have a card reader and transferring pics from the camera to the pc will take some time and a long cable. I dont have that much free time anymore now that I am based at a project site so...I think that is self-explanatory.

Gosh I sound so excusoholic! Will try la to do smthg about this little 'problem'..