Thursday, March 15, 2007

Short Stories

1. The Road Home

Driving downtown in the evening can be crazy. 30 minutes and I was still stuck somewhere in Jalan Tun Razak. That was alittle less than 3km from my workplace. The rain didnt help either.

And then I took the wrong turn to Jalan Tun Sambathan. Shouldnt have taken the exit too soon coz the next one would lead me straight to Jalan Bangsar. Darn.

And another wrong turn. I wanted to try Penchala Link coz I thought it could be much clearer considering that the toll there is RM2 and KLites are a bunch of cheapskates who'd rather brave through the jam than part with their mamak worthy cash.

Penchala wasnt jammed but the road leading to it was BAD.

I reached home at 7.15pm, exactly 1.5 hours after i left my office.

2. I Dont Deserve This!

I was never ungrateful to God for giving men the intelligence to invent the train. Not only can it fit zillions, it travels fast too. Of course not as fast as the bullet train, but I am quite happy with their services (albeit the occational service interruption due to technical errors).

But travelling in the train means having to STAND for a good 20-30 minutes per trip coz I just dont qualify to occupy the limited vacant seats in the train. I am not pregnant, neither am I old. Sitting down never fails to endow me with the cloth of guilt, feeling soooo bad for sitting while other older people are standing so pitifully with their bags and knee problems, etc.

Give you an example. I was travelling back to my head office by LRT and the train was relatively empty. So I sat. But not for long. At the next station, a group of people who had survived two world wars came in and, man, how can I sit???

I gave them my place and ended up standing all the way to my destination. It's not a big deal for a young person to stand but remember, I WORK IN A CONSTRUCTION SITE OFFICE WHICH IS IN A BASEMENT AND I CLIMB SCAFFOLDING STAIRS LIKE 3- 4 TIMES A DAY!

But who cares? As long as there are golden age people in the train, or women with foetus growing inside of her, I dont deserve to sit. If I do, it would reflect very badly on me.

3. Planet Food

Please watch this show. I highly recommend this programme because you'll get to see food from all over the world. The host definitely did her job very well.

This morning's episode featured none other than our country, Malaysia. I wish I could watch it till the end but unfortunately I have to leave for work at 6.45am.

Oh did I mention the time? Yea, 6.00am at Channel 11, Discovery and Living.

I do watch TV early in the morning during breakfast, just to kill boredom and silence and prevent myself from crawling back to bed.

4. Shopping Spree

I extremely loathe the week before the any wedding/annual dinners. Being a gal is not easy, you cant possible wear the same dinner outfit twice in the same crowd and you have to have matching accessories and shoes. Sigh.

After browsing the malls around the Klang Valley for almost 2 weeks, I finally bought something. Not without burning a hole in my pocket, of course. But it was a good buy la. Will show a pic of it next time, probably next week. =)

Shopping with me can be difficult. I am very fussy and particular about my style. No frills, no strings, not too sexy, not too tight/loose, colour not too bright, etc etc... I just dont like la. End of story. More often than not I initiate a shopping outing to get smthg to wear for dinners and my frens would end up buying lots of stuff and all I got was food and groceries. Or even nothing at all. Sigh.

And my poor sister had to storm the mall with me last night to look for an ideal top to match with the skirt I intended to wear on the annual dinner. And having to eat fast at Teppanyaki just so that we will have time to shop around. But it was all worthwhile. I got my top and she got her office pants. Sometimes, shopping with family can be far more fruitful than with frens because, well, we came from the same factory =)

5. Beatiful Day =)

Yesterday afternoon was independence day for me for a couple of hours ;p

I snaked out with some of my colleagues for tea at a nearby food court. Before you start throwing daggers to me, let me explain here that it is totally acceptable for site people to go for short tea breaks during working hours, as long as you do your work and finish it on time. ( Dont you just love working in a non-conventional office setting? Envy me, people! Haha)

Anyway, the guy at the drinks counter told me colleague that he thinks I am cute. I dont know what is his definition of 'cute' but heck, it was a good compliment for me. Hey, I dont get many compliments for my looks, which btw is just mediocre (sincerely think so) in the eyes of many (except God, my Maker) so that brightened my evening and kept me happy for the next few hours =)

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