Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Return of the T

I am back, people!

The past week had been rather challenging for me. Yea.

1. I shifted to the site office on Monday 5th March 2007 after a 3-month delay. My official transfer was supposed to be 1st Jan but due to several circumstances, my 'flight' to the new office was delayed.

But nevertheless I finally moved and will be there till God knows when.

2. There isnt water supply in the site, thus no washroom. Have to use the next building's which is...PNB Park.

Even tried Nikko Hotel's but concluded that PNB is still the best place to be...

3. I was internetless for almost a week but thanks to the cekap Fei Kong and my company's IS dept, i didnt have to wait long to be able to blog again. =)

4. I had to reschedule my daily routine. Wake up no later than 5.30am, drive to LRT station and take the LRT to Ampang Park.

5. I've done more walking than I ever did in my entire life as a working adult. It's a good thing since I wish to lose some buldges this year, but not a very good thing if the walking is done under the HOT and BLAZING sun.

Woe be upon the person who walks in a construction site with an umbrella! And I certainly dont want to be seen with an umbrella in the midst of engineers and banglas who brave the sun and work like tough men. Malu! If you cant take the sun, dont work at site. End of story.

I put lotion every morning and night btw. ;p

6. I eat less. It's a challenge for me, really. Considering that I have breakfast at 6.15am, it's a miracle that I manage to last till 12.10pm for the next meal. And 6 smthg (smtimes 7 plus, 8 or 9) for dinner.

Eat less and exercise more is supposed to make me lose weight. But how come I still look the same? My waistline tells me that I am still 1:0.8:1, my fishball head has yet to deflate and...I dont know.

7. Very very weak mobile phone line. Office in the basement so....cant expect much, can i?

8. The more challenging part is... Planning my life to ensure that I dont get sucked into work, work, work. Got to spare time for myself, family and catching up with frens.

Did I mention that I am working full day on Saturdays?

Yeah, that sucks. I only rest on Sunday afternoons, after church.

So that was the week that was.

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