Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Need A Holiday!!

The last time I actually went for a long vacation was 2 years back when I was working on an assignment on sea reclamation which led me to Melaka for a few days. I remember the trip- I drove down with Samantha and stayed over at her place. She, being the good host that she was, brought me around the city-state to savour the best food around.

I remember we had the famous Chicken Rice Balls, Satay Celup and cendol. Didnt have the time to savor the ikan bakar but we did visit the Portugese Village. The funny thing about this trip was, Sam and I spent one whole afternoon sleeping in her room instead of going out jalan-jalan. Maybe we were just tired. Or maybe both of us just love sleeping. We woke up in time for dinner. And a stroll down Jonker Street =).

Oh, another short trip in my 3rd year was to Genting Highland with Beverley. That trip was almost free-of-charge, save for the bus ticket, cable car and food. I lazy to tell but it was free lah!

That was the first visit to a theme park and I DONT want to go back for the Solero Shot again! But it was still a good and enjoyable trip. The scratch on my watch shows how exciting the games were...

These days, it gets even more difficult to go for holidays. Time is a factor, and so is money. Well, although I am working now, I have more responsibilites and bills to pay, so holidaying is an option only if I have cash to spare at the end of the year. But actually, I think money becomes an issue simply because the holidays that I eye are NOT to local destinations for a couple of days but rather, trips to other countries for at least a week. Now that is not cheap, eh?

As for time factor... I have only 14 days annual leave and 10 public holdays only. How???

But I want a holiday!!!!! Can anyone offer me an affordable trip to Bangkok (RM 600 or below inc accomodation and flight)?

Maybe I should just stick to Langkawi or Pangkor.


Anonymous said...

Ya..i guess u need a break to screw up your more loosen and loosen now..
why ah?
getting too much input de like gossipin, "wei tat guy resign today..wei tat gal pak toh wit tat guy..neee.."
no wonder u need a holiday...
happy holiday dude!!


tina said...

EC: this is NOT gossiping.