Thursday, March 29, 2007

Horror Movies...Not Again?

My browse at the Cineleisure website was disappointing. Wanted to see if there is any good movie to catch over the weekend but I found this in the "Now Showing" section...

From Japan: First it was The Ring, now The creative!! *clap clap clap with a gleeful smile*

From Korea: This is a TYPICAL horror movie set in an abandoned haunted apartment where unexplainable deaths occur more often than number of meals you eat in a day. Check this out:

"Se-jin...... notices one night that the apartment units facing her block simultaneously turn off their light at 9:56 pm. When a corpse is found the next day, Se-jin is the only witness to the horrifying incident. But there are more deaths to come and a terrible symmetry starts to emerge. As each spontaneous blackout at 9:56 pm results in a suspicious death of a tenant within that apartment building, Se-jin, who watches there mysterious events take place, gets involved in the case to stop more deaths from occurring." sweet of the gal to take upon herself the responsibility to investigate the deaths of her neighbours...Would you do it? Sor...

Here's a little note about Korean horror movies. Apparently this genre is NOT very popular in their homeland. My Korean friends told me that they watch Korean Horror Movies for the FIRST time in their lives in Malaysia! Just FYI lah.

From Hong Kong: Ok this poster is a tad more scary than the rest simply because the gal is STARING like the friction is too much for her to bear! That's the matrimony ;p

Wait, shouldnt it be open on 8th December 2007? Are they giving us an early preview of the movie???

From Hollywood: Looks like Jeepers Creepers married The Mummy and had a twisted child who, in the midst of turning into a full bodied creature, got mixed up genetically with an unsuspecting fly.

**Remark: Sorry folks, its Not from Hollywood but Spain instead. But same same la, western also.

The next one is worth checking out:

From Malaysia: Chermin with an 'h' to add some nostalgic charm to it.

Of all the horror movies running concurrently in the cinema, this one would probably be the scariest of all. Not because Malaysia has a reputation of producing excellent movies (although I must agree that the standard of Malay movies has inproved tremendously over the year. All hail director Yasmin Yusof!) but rather, I can relate to the local cerita hantu which I used to hear from my friends back in school.

Detour a bit ya. If you say 'vampire' I would probably think of a European Dracula drinking blood in his castle and flies around as a bat.

We dont have many bats around and they dont live in castles. No ancient castles here either. So dracula seems far away.

Kiong Si- The chinese version of vampire. Often seen dressed as a Manchurian eunach and hops around with both hands lifted 90 degrees from their bodies. Kononnya it is the best pose for an easy strangle.

We dont have chinese imperial family living here so again, the story seems far.

But if you say hantu susu, hantu bungkus...ah..that ring a bell. Not only in my head but also on my spine and hair. Freaky. You know why? Because I am a Malaysian.

Back to "Chermin". Makes me wonder why ALL ghosts must be FEMALE. So cliche. Tak kreatif langsung! But after seeing the list of casts, I know why. BEAUTY QUEENS SELL! First is was Maya Karin in Puntianak Harum, then Amber Chia in a Chinese horror flick (about some demon-possessed gal I think, duh!) and now...Deanna Yusof and Natasha Hudson! Think about it, if we were to put or Mawi as a ghost, would it sell? I bet not.

So no good movies in the cinemas right now. But look at the coming soon section...

To my horror, 9 out of 17 movies are HORROR flicks! Do they really make BIG money?

"The Reaping", "Death Water", "The Letters of Death", "The Messangers", "The Hills Have Eyes 2", "Spirit of the Victim", "Ghost Tunnel", "Waris Jari Hantu" (*Remark: Maya Karin is back!) and "Skinwalkers". 9 Movies which spell B-O-R-I-N-G-N-Y-A!!!

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