Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm Flickr'in!

I've activated my Flickr account finally! You can view my photo album at

Or click the link at my sidebar.

Or click HERE.

Currently I only have pics from Emmy's engagement. Will upload more sometime next week.

Friday, March 30, 2007

1st Anniversary

Blink blink and it's already end of March 2007...

It's been more than a year now since my Nissan was stolen. It still saddens me everytime I think of it. Angry, yea, a little. To the thieves for stripping me off my only form of transportation. For forcing me to buy a new one and spending almost half a K for installment, which could have been avoided had they not stolen the car. For giving me the phobia everytime I walk to parking lots, afraid that my current car wouldn't be there. To the cops for their harsh words on me as though I was the one who committed the crime.

I so wish I could turn back time to that fateful night of 17th March 2006.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Horror Movies...Not Again?

My browse at the Cineleisure website was disappointing. Wanted to see if there is any good movie to catch over the weekend but I found this in the "Now Showing" section...

From Japan: First it was The Ring, now The creative!! *clap clap clap with a gleeful smile*

From Korea: This is a TYPICAL horror movie set in an abandoned haunted apartment where unexplainable deaths occur more often than number of meals you eat in a day. Check this out:

"Se-jin...... notices one night that the apartment units facing her block simultaneously turn off their light at 9:56 pm. When a corpse is found the next day, Se-jin is the only witness to the horrifying incident. But there are more deaths to come and a terrible symmetry starts to emerge. As each spontaneous blackout at 9:56 pm results in a suspicious death of a tenant within that apartment building, Se-jin, who watches there mysterious events take place, gets involved in the case to stop more deaths from occurring." sweet of the gal to take upon herself the responsibility to investigate the deaths of her neighbours...Would you do it? Sor...

Here's a little note about Korean horror movies. Apparently this genre is NOT very popular in their homeland. My Korean friends told me that they watch Korean Horror Movies for the FIRST time in their lives in Malaysia! Just FYI lah.

From Hong Kong: Ok this poster is a tad more scary than the rest simply because the gal is STARING like the friction is too much for her to bear! That's the matrimony ;p

Wait, shouldnt it be open on 8th December 2007? Are they giving us an early preview of the movie???

From Hollywood: Looks like Jeepers Creepers married The Mummy and had a twisted child who, in the midst of turning into a full bodied creature, got mixed up genetically with an unsuspecting fly.

**Remark: Sorry folks, its Not from Hollywood but Spain instead. But same same la, western also.

The next one is worth checking out:

From Malaysia: Chermin with an 'h' to add some nostalgic charm to it.

Of all the horror movies running concurrently in the cinema, this one would probably be the scariest of all. Not because Malaysia has a reputation of producing excellent movies (although I must agree that the standard of Malay movies has inproved tremendously over the year. All hail director Yasmin Yusof!) but rather, I can relate to the local cerita hantu which I used to hear from my friends back in school.

Detour a bit ya. If you say 'vampire' I would probably think of a European Dracula drinking blood in his castle and flies around as a bat.

We dont have many bats around and they dont live in castles. No ancient castles here either. So dracula seems far away.

Kiong Si- The chinese version of vampire. Often seen dressed as a Manchurian eunach and hops around with both hands lifted 90 degrees from their bodies. Kononnya it is the best pose for an easy strangle.

We dont have chinese imperial family living here so again, the story seems far.

But if you say hantu susu, hantu bungkus...ah..that ring a bell. Not only in my head but also on my spine and hair. Freaky. You know why? Because I am a Malaysian.

Back to "Chermin". Makes me wonder why ALL ghosts must be FEMALE. So cliche. Tak kreatif langsung! But after seeing the list of casts, I know why. BEAUTY QUEENS SELL! First is was Maya Karin in Puntianak Harum, then Amber Chia in a Chinese horror flick (about some demon-possessed gal I think, duh!) and now...Deanna Yusof and Natasha Hudson! Think about it, if we were to put or Mawi as a ghost, would it sell? I bet not.

So no good movies in the cinemas right now. But look at the coming soon section...

To my horror, 9 out of 17 movies are HORROR flicks! Do they really make BIG money?

"The Reaping", "Death Water", "The Letters of Death", "The Messangers", "The Hills Have Eyes 2", "Spirit of the Victim", "Ghost Tunnel", "Waris Jari Hantu" (*Remark: Maya Karin is back!) and "Skinwalkers". 9 Movies which spell B-O-R-I-N-G-N-Y-A!!!

Good Morning!

I dont have anything to write about for today. So here's a little something for your knowledge. It's totally useless to know, just thought I'd post it so that my blog would not seem dead.

Did You Know that...

There are generally two types of hard rock. Type 1 produces a 'thug' whn hit with a small hammer while type 2 produces a 'ting'. Interesting eh? Haha...

Humans are weird. Or at least me. I know I'd be dead at the end of the day but yet, I still go for the most suffering class in the world just so that I will feel and look good.

I'm talking about the RPM class lah. The first time I went, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. But dont know why I still went for it the following week. I miss the class when I missed the class. It's a tiring workout and my feet and butt are still aching from too much of cycling. Good thing that the instructors are good wash-eye materials, hmm.....

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Need A Holiday!!

The last time I actually went for a long vacation was 2 years back when I was working on an assignment on sea reclamation which led me to Melaka for a few days. I remember the trip- I drove down with Samantha and stayed over at her place. She, being the good host that she was, brought me around the city-state to savour the best food around.

I remember we had the famous Chicken Rice Balls, Satay Celup and cendol. Didnt have the time to savor the ikan bakar but we did visit the Portugese Village. The funny thing about this trip was, Sam and I spent one whole afternoon sleeping in her room instead of going out jalan-jalan. Maybe we were just tired. Or maybe both of us just love sleeping. We woke up in time for dinner. And a stroll down Jonker Street =).

Oh, another short trip in my 3rd year was to Genting Highland with Beverley. That trip was almost free-of-charge, save for the bus ticket, cable car and food. I lazy to tell but it was free lah!

That was the first visit to a theme park and I DONT want to go back for the Solero Shot again! But it was still a good and enjoyable trip. The scratch on my watch shows how exciting the games were...

These days, it gets even more difficult to go for holidays. Time is a factor, and so is money. Well, although I am working now, I have more responsibilites and bills to pay, so holidaying is an option only if I have cash to spare at the end of the year. But actually, I think money becomes an issue simply because the holidays that I eye are NOT to local destinations for a couple of days but rather, trips to other countries for at least a week. Now that is not cheap, eh?

As for time factor... I have only 14 days annual leave and 10 public holdays only. How???

But I want a holiday!!!!! Can anyone offer me an affordable trip to Bangkok (RM 600 or below inc accomodation and flight)?

Maybe I should just stick to Langkawi or Pangkor.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

So Many Binjai People

I dont know why but I have the feeling that this place is going to be dominated by the Binjai Project people...Already their construction manager and CAD manager were transferred to my site yeterday. Also another rebound project manager.

How should I react? See what comes. They are sooooo senior and I am soooooo small. And some have already showed a fraction their superiority on us small little plankton-eating fishes..

I can only hope for the best. Be positive!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Late and Later...

Again, when I am late, everything bad happens...

ALL traffic lights HAD to be RED when I am late...

An ah soh in a convertible BMW HAD to be driving in front of me.... at 30kph at the roundabout...

I gave her a mean honk btw.

An indecisive car on the left lane which I was at (needed to turn left 100m from where I was) had take so LOOOOONG to decide if he can get on the lane or stay stationary by the side, which was completely obstructing me..

I gave him a mean honk also.

I wonder, why do drivers of big and expensive cars always think they own the road? This is not my first encounter with such drivers...

And..I HAD to miss the first train that came to the station because it was PACKED to the brim. And I was only 2 steps away from the train!

What a bad start for the day. or maybe I should control my temper.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Change Will Do Me Good

My current blogskin has been around for more than a quarter of a year. Im kinda bored of it already so here is a new look to brighten up the page. Hopefully the new look will make my little shrine more reader friendly and read-inducing than the prev one. Will upgrade the template when I have the time to do so. Been very very busy lately with my work and hadn't had much quality time to spend with my blog.
Here's a last peek at my prev blogskin, which was launched in 1st January 2007.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Short Stories

1. The Road Home

Driving downtown in the evening can be crazy. 30 minutes and I was still stuck somewhere in Jalan Tun Razak. That was alittle less than 3km from my workplace. The rain didnt help either.

And then I took the wrong turn to Jalan Tun Sambathan. Shouldnt have taken the exit too soon coz the next one would lead me straight to Jalan Bangsar. Darn.

And another wrong turn. I wanted to try Penchala Link coz I thought it could be much clearer considering that the toll there is RM2 and KLites are a bunch of cheapskates who'd rather brave through the jam than part with their mamak worthy cash.

Penchala wasnt jammed but the road leading to it was BAD.

I reached home at 7.15pm, exactly 1.5 hours after i left my office.

2. I Dont Deserve This!

I was never ungrateful to God for giving men the intelligence to invent the train. Not only can it fit zillions, it travels fast too. Of course not as fast as the bullet train, but I am quite happy with their services (albeit the occational service interruption due to technical errors).

But travelling in the train means having to STAND for a good 20-30 minutes per trip coz I just dont qualify to occupy the limited vacant seats in the train. I am not pregnant, neither am I old. Sitting down never fails to endow me with the cloth of guilt, feeling soooo bad for sitting while other older people are standing so pitifully with their bags and knee problems, etc.

Give you an example. I was travelling back to my head office by LRT and the train was relatively empty. So I sat. But not for long. At the next station, a group of people who had survived two world wars came in and, man, how can I sit???

I gave them my place and ended up standing all the way to my destination. It's not a big deal for a young person to stand but remember, I WORK IN A CONSTRUCTION SITE OFFICE WHICH IS IN A BASEMENT AND I CLIMB SCAFFOLDING STAIRS LIKE 3- 4 TIMES A DAY!

But who cares? As long as there are golden age people in the train, or women with foetus growing inside of her, I dont deserve to sit. If I do, it would reflect very badly on me.

3. Planet Food

Please watch this show. I highly recommend this programme because you'll get to see food from all over the world. The host definitely did her job very well.

This morning's episode featured none other than our country, Malaysia. I wish I could watch it till the end but unfortunately I have to leave for work at 6.45am.

Oh did I mention the time? Yea, 6.00am at Channel 11, Discovery and Living.

I do watch TV early in the morning during breakfast, just to kill boredom and silence and prevent myself from crawling back to bed.

4. Shopping Spree

I extremely loathe the week before the any wedding/annual dinners. Being a gal is not easy, you cant possible wear the same dinner outfit twice in the same crowd and you have to have matching accessories and shoes. Sigh.

After browsing the malls around the Klang Valley for almost 2 weeks, I finally bought something. Not without burning a hole in my pocket, of course. But it was a good buy la. Will show a pic of it next time, probably next week. =)

Shopping with me can be difficult. I am very fussy and particular about my style. No frills, no strings, not too sexy, not too tight/loose, colour not too bright, etc etc... I just dont like la. End of story. More often than not I initiate a shopping outing to get smthg to wear for dinners and my frens would end up buying lots of stuff and all I got was food and groceries. Or even nothing at all. Sigh.

And my poor sister had to storm the mall with me last night to look for an ideal top to match with the skirt I intended to wear on the annual dinner. And having to eat fast at Teppanyaki just so that we will have time to shop around. But it was all worthwhile. I got my top and she got her office pants. Sometimes, shopping with family can be far more fruitful than with frens because, well, we came from the same factory =)

5. Beatiful Day =)

Yesterday afternoon was independence day for me for a couple of hours ;p

I snaked out with some of my colleagues for tea at a nearby food court. Before you start throwing daggers to me, let me explain here that it is totally acceptable for site people to go for short tea breaks during working hours, as long as you do your work and finish it on time. ( Dont you just love working in a non-conventional office setting? Envy me, people! Haha)

Anyway, the guy at the drinks counter told me colleague that he thinks I am cute. I dont know what is his definition of 'cute' but heck, it was a good compliment for me. Hey, I dont get many compliments for my looks, which btw is just mediocre (sincerely think so) in the eyes of many (except God, my Maker) so that brightened my evening and kept me happy for the next few hours =)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Return of the T

I am back, people!

The past week had been rather challenging for me. Yea.

1. I shifted to the site office on Monday 5th March 2007 after a 3-month delay. My official transfer was supposed to be 1st Jan but due to several circumstances, my 'flight' to the new office was delayed.

But nevertheless I finally moved and will be there till God knows when.

2. There isnt water supply in the site, thus no washroom. Have to use the next building's which is...PNB Park.

Even tried Nikko Hotel's but concluded that PNB is still the best place to be...

3. I was internetless for almost a week but thanks to the cekap Fei Kong and my company's IS dept, i didnt have to wait long to be able to blog again. =)

4. I had to reschedule my daily routine. Wake up no later than 5.30am, drive to LRT station and take the LRT to Ampang Park.

5. I've done more walking than I ever did in my entire life as a working adult. It's a good thing since I wish to lose some buldges this year, but not a very good thing if the walking is done under the HOT and BLAZING sun.

Woe be upon the person who walks in a construction site with an umbrella! And I certainly dont want to be seen with an umbrella in the midst of engineers and banglas who brave the sun and work like tough men. Malu! If you cant take the sun, dont work at site. End of story.

I put lotion every morning and night btw. ;p

6. I eat less. It's a challenge for me, really. Considering that I have breakfast at 6.15am, it's a miracle that I manage to last till 12.10pm for the next meal. And 6 smthg (smtimes 7 plus, 8 or 9) for dinner.

Eat less and exercise more is supposed to make me lose weight. But how come I still look the same? My waistline tells me that I am still 1:0.8:1, my fishball head has yet to deflate and...I dont know.

7. Very very weak mobile phone line. Office in the basement so....cant expect much, can i?

8. The more challenging part is... Planning my life to ensure that I dont get sucked into work, work, work. Got to spare time for myself, family and catching up with frens.

Did I mention that I am working full day on Saturdays?

Yeah, that sucks. I only rest on Sunday afternoons, after church.

So that was the week that was.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Be Right Back…

I will be taking a break from blogging for a while. Or I should say, I am FORCED to discontinue for a season due to a major temporal shift in my cyber environment until further notice.

Ok in simpler terms: I am shifting to my site office today and will not have easy access to the net for a few weeks (or could be months!). No internet = no blog. But I will still compose my entries without the internet because once the line is up, I will blast my blog with all the backdated entries like a broken dam sweeping away a village with strong currents.

For my ardent readers (chehwah…macam lah famous sangat ;p) do keep looking forward to new entries. Who knows I might have the opportunity to post an entry or two sometime between now and my return…

So this entry is officially the last one before the break. Will be right back soon, hopefully with a new look and perhaps, new style =)

Goodbye my workstation. And thanks for being there for me through my ups and (mostly) downs in the office.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Resigning Epidermic

I AM not resigning dont worry my fellow colleagues. I have 3 more years to go before I can actually decide to stay or go.

Lately a lot of colleagues have tendered their resignation letters. Why la? The company so bad is it?? The ones I wish would stay are leaving while the one I hope will disappear is still going strong in the office.

Wicked me to wish for someone to leave.

First it was my PM FK, then AGM LKH, fellow young colleague YCT and soon will be SK's turn. I am deeply saddened that the last two are leaving us but am happy that they have found a better offer. The first two are senior managers so, of course lah I dont feel anything. Not my kaki wat...

I wonder who else is going to resign soon.