Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wonderful oldies

I cant recall how many moons ago since I last heard these two songs.

1. Easy Lover by Phil Collins. Good combination of a catchy tune and Phil's flour-ish voice...

2. Stuck With You by Huey Lewis. Yes it's true, I'm so happy to hear that song.

Bet you guys never knew these songs exist yea?

Oh ya, another one worth mentioning. Heard it in the restaurant last night.

Blue Eyes Blue by Eric Clapton. Beautiful.

I'm feeling all dreamy now...=)


Anonymous said...

heard in the restaurant with who ah??

josh said...

some other songs which is good, fields of gold by sting and faithfully by journey..good stuff

tina said...

smanuel: wahlau, how did u manage to spy out my blog? hehe

josh: heard it with some guy la...;p