Monday, February 26, 2007

To The Gym!

One of my new year resolutions is to lose weight and look good. I've tried so many ways which didnt work- hiking, tennis, futsal, swimming...and slowly I got a little fed up of all these and wished I could just ask God to take away the fats when I wake up the next day.
Of course that didnt happen.

So I decided to sign up for a gym membership and see how it could help me in acheiving my goals.

I went for a gym tour around Celebrity Fitness 1U, the one where Miss Hot, Sexy and Delicious Amber Chia (or Apple Chia, so I heard her name was before she got famous) is ambassador for. Kononnya Amber Chia used to be 90kg before she became a model. Cannot believe?

Anyway, after spending 2 hours there, I decided to shop for better deals at other fitness centres, which was a good move because Adeline managed to get me a really, really cheap to the bone rate for Fitness First.

Fitness First it is. Why Fitness First?

Reason 1) I love freebies and they gave me loads of 'em.

Got discount vouchers...

Though not so useful to me but, heck, it's free!

I have been wanting to buy a water tumbler for so long but was too stingy to pay for it. So Fitness first gave me one =)

The free earphone is for me to use when i do my cardio. The gym has personal tvs for its users to watch while working out so earphones are absolutly necessary. Besides, it looks cool ;p

Yes, I needed a backpack so badly! My old one is slowly tearing apart and again, I am too stingy to buy one. sweet of Fitness First to give me those things =)
Reason 2) I like their locations. There's one near my apartment, one near my current office and one near my future office..

Super convenient.
Reason 3) My membership fee is so so cheap that even if they suck, I would think hundred times before terminating the contract.
Interested to join me?

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Emily said...

i took a year to lose's very hard at the beginning, because i love to eat. You need to have very strong will power to control your diet and exercise, then it works => When i was in US, i ate very very little (too cold, cant eat, i lose a lot of weight. My stomach now is used with small amount of food and am not felling hungry easily.